List Of Shows And Premiere Dates For The Midseason Of 2023 On Broadcast TV

Now is the time of year when television networks and streaming services prepare to unveil their upcoming slates of original programming. One of the most exciting parts of the midseason is finding out what shows will be returning for the next season.

Fans are delighted not only about the returning shows but also about the new additions. While each network will have its unique lineup, we’ve done the legwork to compile a list of the main networks and their various casts.

We have compiled the premiere and return dates for your favorite shows for the upcoming 2023 midseason TV lineup. The upcoming season’s lineups from ABC, NBC, and Fox seem to be quite solid.

“All-‘Rookie’ Night,” “Will Trent,” And The Return Of Old Shows On ABC’s Midseason 2023 Schedule

ABC’s lineup for the middle of the 2023 season has a lot of potentials. Some of your favorite shows, like “The Rookie,” have gotten new timeslots, while the highly anticipated new series, “Will Trent,” based on Karin Slaughter’s New York Times bestselling book, finally has a release date.

List Of Shows And Premiere Dates For The Midseason Of 2023 On Broadcast TV
List Of Shows And Premiere Dates For The Midseason Of 2023 On Broadcast TV

And if that weren’t enough, “Note Dead Yet” is another must-see program on TV during the midseason of 2023. The show’s premise was derived from Alexander Potter’s book “Confessions of a 40-something F**k Up.”

The sequel to “My Fellow Citizens,” titled “The Company You Keep,” will premiere in the second half of February 2023. It’s inspiring to see artists draw inspiration from the works of others. The fans, however, are not happy and content.

In contrast to “The Bachelor,” which has been renewed for a new season, “A Million Little Things” has entered its penultimate season. ABC’s Midseason 2023 TV Schedule Provides Excessive Reading Material. This is why the following list has been compiled:

The Parental Guidance Panel Celebrates 30 Years of Beauty and the Beast on December 15

January 3

  •     The Rookie 
  •     The Rookie: Feds 
  •     Will Trent

January 4

  •     Abbott Elementary
  •     Home Economics
  •     Big Sky: Deadly Trails

January 5

  •     Celebrity Jeopardy! 
  •     The Parent Test 
  •     The Chase

January 6

  • Shark Tank

January 11

  •     The Conners
  •     The Goldbergs

January 23

  •     The Bachelor 
  •     The Good Doctor
  •     ABC/Eric McCandless

February 8

  •     Not Dead Yet
  •     A Million Little Things 

February 19

  • The Company You Keep
  • American Idol
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos

February 23

  • you may watch Station 19
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Alaska Daily

Fox Announces Midseason 2023 Schedule, Including Debuts For “Animal Control,” “Alert,” And More Popular Shows

Dates for the debuts of both new and returning shows are always highly anticipated. Midseason 2023 on Fox will be filled with comedies, dramas, and reality shows. Everything you know about courtroom drama will be amplified after watching “Accused,” starring Michael Chiklis.

“Alert,” a procedural drama, is also featured to keep the cycle of tense themes going. But to introduce something lighthearted and comical, “Animal Control” will also be released. Fox also airs reality shows including “Next Level Chef” (season 2), which features Gordon Ramsay, and “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,” which features elite military personnel.

However, “Fantasy Island,” “Celebrity Name That Tune,” and “Lone Star” are all returning for the winter schedule. Fans of animated films will be pleased to know that Dan Harmon has contributed to Krapopolis. Fox made sure to include all of the parts for the various viewers. So here’s the complete Midseason 2023 lineup:

January 2

  • Fantasy Island 

January 3

  • The Resident

January 4

  • Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test 

January 5

  •  Hell’s Kitchen
  •  Welcome to Flatch
  •  Call Me Kat

January 8

  • Alert
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Family Guy

January 11

  • Celebrity Name That Tune
  • Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test

January 17

  • Lone Star

January 22

  • Accused

February 12

  • Next Level Chef 

February 16

  • Animal Control

Midseason 2023: NBC Reveals “Magnum P.1” Premiere Date and Announces New Series

Even though NBC’s Midseason 2023 slate was perhaps the shortest it had been all season, the network still had to stick to a strict timetable. The addition of “Magnum P.I.” is particularly exciting because the show was abruptly canceled by CBS but was renewed by NBC.

Amazing airtime will be devoted to shows like “Found,” “The Blacklist,” and “Night Court.” And the medical drama “New Amsterdam” will end after its sixth season in the Midseason 2023 schedule.

List Of Shows And Premiere Dates For The Midseason Of 2023 On Broadcast TV (1)
List Of Shows And Premiere Dates For The Midseason Of 2023 On Broadcast TV (1)

We know you have been waiting for a new reality TV show, and now it’s here. “America’s Got Talent: All Stars” is the name of the show. Additionally, “Grand Crew,” a comedy series, has been greenlit by NBC. The following is NBC’s final midseason 2023 lineup, which you should peruse:

January 2.

  • America’s Got Talent: All Stars

January 17

  •  Night Court
  •  New Amsterdam 

January 24

  •  American Auto

 February 19

  •  Magnum P.I.
  •  Found

 February 26

  • The Blacklist

March 6

  • The Voice

March 7

  • That’s My Jam

The following is the full Midseason 2023 lineup, as selected by the various networks for their respective audiences. We anticipate your enthusiasm once you see the names of your preferred shows included.

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