Selection Guidelines for Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment: Functional Metal Options

Planning every inch of kitchen space is the basis of the stable and continuous operation of any catering establishment. Owners of restaurants, small coffee shops, bakeries, or fast food restaurants strive to reach the neat and well-organized food prep zones where there are no excessive, unneeded, and useless things and every detail has its place.

And if technological equipment is the foundation of any cooking process, then stainless steel restaurant equipment is a guarantee of cleanliness and properly coordinated work. To correctly determine the necessary models and configurations of stainless steel kitchen equipment, you need to be aware of its varieties, purposes, extra attributes, available material thicknesses and gauges, level of resistance, and other features.

Selection Guidelines for Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment: Functional Metal Options

Steps for choosing restaurant supply and steel furniture

Unlock food-grade steel features. Due to the fact that strong and intensive reciprocal action of alkalis and acids with other components is often observed in the food environment, special materials must be used for food industry units and structures, as well as household tools and appliances. Food-grade stainless steel is an oxidation-resistant material, it is safe when interacting with moisture and food products, and it does not decay or release toxic elements into food.

This also makes it suitable for regular upkeep — cleaning is a breeze and all bacteria will be destroyed in a manner of seconds. The next recommendations will help you to analyze steel and be sure that the purchased table, shelf, washbasin, and other stainless steel restaurant equipment will last for years:

  • You can identify the differences between steel intended for cooking and steel that is not food-grade by using the guides to steel brands available online. Knowing the brand of the material, you will be able to get information about its composition and, accordingly, draw a conclusion about its suitability for acid resistance.
  • If you have a sample of steel used in manufacturing, place the material in the working environment for some period of time and evaluate how it reacts to humidity, temperature, or other environmental factors.
  • It is best to seek personal advice from a specialist in the place where you plan to buy equipment, reliable suppliers will easily share details with you and reveal nuances and will help you to choose the right characteristics for your kitchen.

Make a list of the needed equipment. But in order for the consultant in the stainless steel kitchen equipment to help you, it is important to make it clear what you expect and need. It will be difficult to choose units and structures if your goal is to buy several working tops, but you know that you don’t have enough space for large-sized furniture. After all, then you will have to consider additional measures, for example, a lower or upper shelf.

At the same time, it is important to understand what size you are looking for and what additional steel products you need, so every interior design decision is balanced. After all, it can be racks, shelves, and so on. Always take a closer look at the range of offers on the market. After evaluating the existing assortment, you can proceed to the selection of stainless steel restaurant equipment taking into account individual requirements.

Thought-out design. According to the theory of ergonomics, the fewer steps an employee takes to perform a given task, the higher the efficiency of the work. A professional kitchen, designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, is a room in which workers stand in one place, performing a minimum number of body movements, and the probability of fatigue, discomfort, injuries, and accidents in such a room is reduced to zero. There is a sufficient amount of compact professional equipment which, despite its small size, has great capabilities.

Prepare financially. The price is probably one of the downsides for business owners. After all, correctly designed metal structures will not be cheap. If you go the cheaper way, you can fall into the trap of low-quality material that will bend, scratch, and deteriorate. Visit the catalogs of various manufacturers and compare prices. Knowing the characteristics and needs, it will be easier for you to navigate your finances and prepare the budget.

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