Mastodon Gains 200,000 Users Amidst as #RIPTwitter Trends

Over 200,000 people have joined the social media site Mastodon in just one day. This is because #RIPTwitter is trending on the site, which makes people wonder what will happen to Twitter.

When Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 27, people started looking for other ways to stay in touch with their friends in case something bad happens.

Mastodon, which was started on March 16, 2016, is one of the platforms that is being used by a lot of people.

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On November 17, the hashtag #RIPTwitter became popular after it was said that thousands of Twitter employees quit. At the same time, Mastodon saw a huge increase in users.

Mastodon gains 200k users overnight

Elon Musk gave employees until November 17 to commit to working “hardcore” on what he calls “Twitter 2.0.” On November 17, it came out that about 75% of the remaining employees said no and took a month’s pay instead.

This made people on the platform worried, so they promoted their other platforms to get ready for the end of Twitter. The Mastodon User Count bot says that a lot of people chose to live in the Fediverse.

At the time of this writing, Mastodon had 7,000,000 active accounts, with 213,956 added in the previous day alone.

Still up in the air is whether or not Twitter will go away soon, but it looks like users are finding good homes on Mastodon for now.

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