“Mind Your Manners” Actors: Who are the Characters in the Netflix series?

Sara Jane Ho wants to assist her clients in making life-changing decisions. In the first season of Mind Your Manners, the etiquette expert works with six individuals from various backgrounds to help them improve their social skills, self-confidence and interpersonal interactions. He provides a unique method for negotiating a variety of social settings and developing positive household habits that serve as a basis for personal growth. She does this by drawing on both Chinese and Western viewpoints.

Who Is The Cast Of Mind Your Manners?

In Season 1 of Mind Your Manners, international etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho works with six customers who want to become better versions of themselves. She leads them on a voyage of self-discovery that goes beyond simply teaching them excellent manners by demonstrating to them how to manage personal and professional issues with elegance and grace. Discover the individuals whose lives the host of this brand-new lifestyle reality series transforms.

Sara Jane Ho

When advising her customers on adjustments they should make, Sara Jane is honest with them but she also works to build their confidence. She doesn’t hesitate to share laughter or tears with her clients and attempts to get on their level, even though she might correct how someone handles their fork or drinks their tea.

The Sara Jane Ho Show, Sara Jane’s web series offers additional etiquette advice. She additionally made an appearance in the 2018 film Generation Wealth.

Stephanie Osifo

As a “party girl” and a support worker for people with disabilities, Stephanie. She works with Sara Jane to tone down her clothes and present herself well in a professional context after developing a provocative character while clubbing.

Bunny Yan

At the age of 12, fashion vlogger Bunny moved from China to the US. She seeks Sara Jane’s assistance in reconnecting with her Chinese roots because she feels torn between two worlds.

Christy Aldred

Christy is a mother who prioritizes the needs of her family before her own and is in dire need of self-care. She is feeling exhausted from raising a 9-year-old at the age of 50 and is hoping Sara Jane can give her new life.

William Termini

Systems engineer William is a reclusive person looking for a relationship. He is hoping Sara Jane can provide him with some advice on how to be more personable and aggressive.

Raishel Jones

Raishel, a stay-at-home mother, is prepared to join the workforce once her two girls reach adulthood. She works with Sara Jane to update her resume and earn the self-assurance to apply for her ideal job despite being unsure of her qualifications.

Illiana Nuñez McDonnell

Illiana, a new mother, finds it difficult to concentrate on her personal ambitions while caring for her daughter, who is 10 months old. She works with Sara Jane to establish wholesome and self-affirming living habits since she is worn out and depressed.


Watch the official Mind Your Manners Season 1 Netflix trailer.

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What Is The Storyline Of Mind Your Manners?

A self-described party girl who wants to start taking life more seriously is Ho’s first client. In the subsequent episodes, clients include a fashion vlogger who wants to rediscover her Chinese heritage, a tired mom who wants to practice self-care, a bachelor who wants to be more assertive in order to find his ideal partner and a stay-at-home mother looking for guidance on how to start a new career. A new mother who is feeling lethargic and wants to resume living a healthy lifestyle is Ho’s final client.

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