Moira Opens Up About Breakup and Potentially Falling in Love Again

Moira Dela Torre is finally talking about her breakup with Jason Marvin Hernandez. She kept quiet for months while she healed and changed her life.

Around the middle of 2022, rumors started to spread that Dela Torre and Hernandez’s relationship was ending because Hernandez was “cheating.”

There were rumors and guesses about what was really going on between them, but it wasn’t until Hernandez posted a statement on his Instagram account that he and Dela Torre had split up after three years of marriage. Part of the statement also said that he had cheated on her while they were married.

Dela Torre has been quiet since she posted the statement of her now ex-husband. Even though she would still be performing, nothing has been said about why she and her boyfriend broke up.

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Dela Torre sat down during her launch as a new member of the Republic Records Philippines family to talk about this new time in her life. “I am better than I expected. I don’t remember being able to breathe this way and being able to enjoy what I have and mourn what I can’t have,” she said when asked how she’s doing.

She didn’t say much about the breakup or the cheating claims, but she did say that it had been a long time coming. “When the year (2022) started pa lang, I was getting this weird feeling that I was about to enter into a new season and I didn’t know what it was.”

Then the bomb went off. We would hear from different people that Dela Torre had been crying all the time. She was even seen crying and venting to her best friends in Singapore. She said that she had lost the motivation to write songs and that she had “lost herself.”

“It’s been a long time. I think my heart was prepared for it. Just because my mind was walking through it unconsciously, I’ve been on auto pilot for a long time. And when it happened, I just knew what to write. I didn’t get to write on my own for a while, I write because it’s work. Pero ‘yung expression ko talaga, ang tagal bago nangyari ulit. And it happened when that season ended and I started just writing.”

It took her a while to get back on her feet, but she knew that it was a necessary step. “I don’t remember being able to feel the way that I do now. I wasn’t aware that I was so numb for a long time. But now I’m in the season where I finally know my worth and I finally get to take care of myself. I am just enjoying life whether it’s a good day or a bad day. I’ve learned to embrace whatever I wake up to.”

She had to get rid of some cargo so she could set sail again. And that includes letting go some people from her life. “When I exited that season, I felt like I was released from prison. It felt like I was allowed to be the creative Moira that wrote ‘Malaya,’ and I lost her for a little bit. But now, I’m very careful with the people that I allow into my life, the projects that I allowed in my life,” she said.

“Ironically, this crazy season has made me a stronger and a braver person. I thought this season would make me more scared. But God works in mysterious ways and definitely used my weakness and made it into strength.”

And that’s when she started writing songs again to get her energy back. “Ang dami palang naipon. I just started unloading through songs and that’s really what I got to bounce back.”

She’s back, but her music has a new beat. Dela Torre just signed with Republic Records Philippines in the hopes of growing her music career. globally. But she laughed that she didn’t break up with Star Music and will still work with her old label on special projects.

“It doesn’t feel like a transfer, it feels like an expansion. So, I just feel like my world just got so much bigger. I have three families now who look after me — ABS-CBN, Cornerstone and Republic.”

Since she is known as the “Queen of Hugot Songs,” should her fans expect her new music to be the ultimate Hugot album or even give a full picture of that “difficult chapter of her personal life”?

“It’s a very vulnerable album. I think it’s my most honest and vulnerable album yet. Let’s just say that I wrote it during those times. I don’t expect it to be hits, I hope they would. But I feel like for the first time, I’m not curating an album because I want new hits. I curated an album to be honest.”


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Netizens were also talking about her recent makeover. When she released “Babalik Sa’Yo” for the feel-good, highly successful KathNiel series “2Good 2 Be True,” there wasn’t a hint of a dark cloud over her head. She looked refreshed, re-energized, and happy as she sang a love song.

“I think I just healed. There was a long time that I wasn’t confident in how I look, how I felt. There was a time, after a long day at work, I would go home and feel good and feel confident. But I think, after so many years, ngayon ko lang naramdaman na ‘I don’t look so bad after all.’ I’m not so bad after all.”

ABS-CBN News was confused for a moment and asked, “Why?  Did somebody make you feel that?” She replied with a good laugh, saying: “Well, I don’t know. I just, I didn’t. When I thought that I’d be in a season where I feel full the most myself, I lost myself. And I am now in a season where I am surrounded by people who celebrate me.”

A new start. New step in your career. And a trip around the world. She is ready for her music to take over the world. The next question is whether or not Dela Torre is ready to love again.

“I’m open. I’m not in a season anymore that I’m trying to control the narrative. I’m not in the season where I can manipulate it so when I enter, I am not scared. I’m in the season where I am open to what God gives me.” But does she want to find love? “No. I know it will come.”

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