Why did Oliver Hudson Leave His Role As Garrett in The Cleaning Lady?

As a result of what took place in the season 2 finale of The Cleaning Lady, is Oliver Hudson going to leave the show? The event that took place tonight lasted for two hours and crammed a lot into it, including a significant amount of bloodshed.

We witnessed a significant portion of the narrative in which Thony’s life was in great jeopardy, and it was only natural for her to use all effort possible in order to shield both herself and her son from harm. However, she faced a lot of opposition, including Robert and a large number of people who were on his side.

Immediately after the confrontation that took place there, however, Garrett was shot, which led to people wondering about his future while he was bleeding on the ground. (It is important to point out that prior to the conclusion of the show, there were no rumors circulating suggesting that the actor was about to quit. yet, this did not make the moment any less tense.)

We were put in a terrible position since the show went to commercial when it was still unclear what would happen to Garrett, and we were frantic for answers as a result. What exactly took place in this situation? When I first heard about him, the conversation was in the past tense, which is never a good sign.

Why did Oliver Hudson Leave His Role As Garrett in The Cleaning Lady
Why did Oliver Hudson Leave His Role As Garrett in The Cleaning Lady

The news was then made official: Garrett had passed away. Not only that but it was made clear to Thony that she was responsible for the majority of the outcomes of what transpired. She would be the one to be responsible for carrying that guilt, and it is obvious that this is something that might linger with her for a little bit longer.

((If there is some kind of massive conspiracy at work here and he is somehow still alive, it’s a pretty huge one — they had a funeral for him at the conclusion of the finale.)) Even though there have only been two seasons of The Cleaning Lady, it is safe to assume that we have become accustomed to the idea that one of the main characters will die at some point during the course of the show.

And now for some more news…
It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Robert perished by the time the series came to a close because this also happened. Since it was established early on that he would play the role of the Big Bad, it was only natural for us to witness the conclusion of his story.

The second season of “The Cleaning Lady,” a crime drama airing on Fox with Oliver Hudson in a recurring role, premieres on Monday. Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung), a former Cambodian-Filipino doctor who has been working as a cleaning service worker in Las Vegas while seeking medical treatment for her kid, is the protagonist of the new Fox series premiering on September 19 at 9 p.m.

A short time later, she finds herself working as a housekeeper and a doctor for mob boss Arman (Adan Canto). To help bring down Arman, Hudson co-stars as FBI agent Garrett Miller. Miller goes after Thony. During an interview with The Post, 46-year-old Hudson provided his thoughts.

What Attracted You to This Role?

This was a chance for me to go out and try something new, as I had generally worked in comedy in the past. And when I discussed the character with showrunners Melissa Carter and Miranda Kwok, I made it clear that he wasn’t your typical FBI guy. He’s not the type to wear a tie to work and follow protocol.

His life is spent amid ambiguity. Furthermore, I saw the pilot episode, and it was excellent. It reminded me, vaguely, of a streamer. It had weight and felt like it was put together with care as opposed to being spliced together for the sake of brevity. This was just something I wanted to do because I thought it would be enjoyable. And up to this point, I’ve been very satisfied. The risk I took in opting to do “The Cleaning Lady” rather than a comedy paid off.

What Parts of Garrett do You Find Relatable? 

Even though Melissa and Miranda definitely didn’t have me in mind when they crafted his narrative, I can still relate to it on a personal level. And yet, I studied the background tale they provided, and I saw many parallels to my own experiences there.

Garrett’s upbringing was definitely unique, what with his father being a convicted felon and his uncle being a firefighter and war hero whom Garrett looked up to. But he can’t help but question if he takes after his father or his uncle more in terms of his positive and bad traits. For me, it was very similar. Currently, things are great between my real dad, Bill Hudson, and me.

Why did Oliver Hudson Leave His Role As Garrett in The Cleaning Lady
Why did Oliver Hudson Leave His Role As Garrett in The Cleaning Lady

It’s wonderful that we were able to make amends. However, Dad wasn’t present for my formative years, and my stepfather, Kurt Russell, took care of me. It leaves you wondering who exactly you are. Because you have no connection to that branch of your family, you feel empty when you look in the mirror. So, I could identify with that aspect of the protagonist.

What Can You Share About Season 2? 

The plot heats up once we learn that Garrett had an affair with an informant from a previous case, which ultimately led to the demise of his marriage. Unfortunately, she has become entangled with a notorious drug lord who has ties to Tony and Arman, putting her life in jeopardy.

It gets complicated when the storylines collide. A few shocking fatalities add to the tension and highlight the importance of cooperation in this story. More than a little nastiness ensues.

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