Why Erin Caffey 19 Year Old Urged Boyfrnd to Murder Her Own Family?

Erin Caffey sought retaliation when her parents told her she couldn’t see her lover any longer by ordering their horrible murder in the dead of night.

Two guys broke into the Caffey house in Alba, Texas, on March 1, 2008, and went on a brutal killing spree, killing the mother, the two young children, and themselves. Erin Caffey, 16, and her father Terry Caffey, who was shot many times before the two invaders set the house on fire, were the only survivors.

The killings stunned the country, especially after the authorities said Erin Caffey was responsible for the entire carnage.

Charlie Wilkinson and Erin Caffey’s Dangerous Relationship

Five months before their deaths, Erin Caffey started dating Charlie Wilkinson, then 18 years old, which set the Caffey family’s fatal course in motion.

When they first met, Caffey was a part-time server at a Sonic restaurant. The romance developed swiftly. Wilkinson was forthright about his intention to marry her and even handed her a promise ring that had once belonged to his grandmother.

Terry Caffey noted that he had doubts about Wilkinson from the beginning, therefore the connection didn’t bode well with her parents. He subsequently admitted, “There was just something about him that didn’t sit well with me. He has good instincts”.

The Caffeys’ devotion to music was complemented by their active involvement in their neighborhood church. The guitar and harmonica were played by Erin Caffey’s brothers, Tyler, age eight, and Matthew, age thirteen. At church, their mother Penny Carrey played the piano. Until she met Wilkinson, Erin Caffey was the family’s lead singer.

Who is Erin Caffey
Who is Erin Caffey

The church-going teen then started to perform poorly in class. Her parents decided to research this problematic boyfriend online. They were persuaded by what they discovered that they had to keep him away from their daughter.

On Wilkinson’s Myspace page, there were several sexual allusions and references to drinking. The Caffey’s urged that Caffey discontinue the relationship when she violated her “phone curfew” in February 2008.

Erin Caffey began discussing killing her parents in front of friends in the same month. The only way, in her opinion, for her to be with Wilkinson was in that situation.

Massacre of the Caffey Family

As a result, Erin Caffey plotted a homicidal scheme with Charlie Wilkinson and Charles Waid, a friend of his.

There are conflicting accounts on the exact brains behind it, although Terry Caffey rejects the claim that it was his daughter’s brainchild. Meanwhile, Wilkinson asserted that Caffey pushed on the murders despite his offer for him and Caffey to simply flee together.

Wilkinson and Waid arrived in the Caffey house’s driveway the day of the massacre. Erin Caffey and Waid’s date awaited outside in the car.

Wilkinson informed Caffey that he had to kill her younger siblings before accessing the property to eliminate any potential witnesses. She reportedly said, “I don’t care; just do what you must do.”

Once entering, Wilkinson entered Terry and Penny’s room and started shooting at them with a.22 handgun as they slept. Terry Caffey watched his wife die while he lay next to her, unable to move or talk after being shot numerous times himself.

Who is Erin Caffey
Who is Erin Caffey

When Wilkinson’s revolver jammed, Waid took a samurai-style sword to attack Penny and nearly severed her head.

After that, they went upstairs to find Tyler and Matthew, who was hiding there. “No, Charlie,” Terry’s son Matthew cried out. No. What’s the purpose of this?

As Tyler was shot in the face and Matthew was mercilessly slaughtered by the couple as they alternately used the sword on him, the helpless father dozed off to sleep.

After promising Waid $2,000 in exchange for his assistance, Wilkinson and Waid ransacked the home in search of valuables. Finally, they doused the furnishings in lighter fluid before setting the house on fire.

As the fire overtook the home, Terry Caffey miraculously regained consciousness and fled out a window. He had to crawl for an hour to get to the house of his nearest neighbor, where the police were summoned. The neighbor said, “Where isn’t he bleeding from,” when the cops inquired where Terry was bleeding.

After being sent into emergency surgery, Terry was sufficiently stabilized to speak. Charlie Wilkinson informed the sheriff’s deputies.

Authorities located Wilkinson right away, and they took him in to be questioned. Erin Caffey was then found by them in the trailer where he was residing, and she appeared to be in shock.

She reported being abducted by the police.

The Trial And Sentencing Of Erin Caffey

All four suspects were in police custody and talking less than 24 hours after authorities responded to the murders at the Caffey residence.

Erin Caffey’s kidnapping narrative quickly started to break apart. The identical account was given to police by Wilkinson and Waid: the murders were all her idea. But Caffey insisted to her grandparents that she was innocent of her family’s death.

Wilkinson claimed he had urged they flee together in court. In the end, three counts of capital murder were brought against Caffey, Wilkinson, Waid, and Waid’s girlfriend.

Wilkinson and Waid were sentenced to life in prison without the chance of release. Caffey was also given a life sentence, but after 40 years she will be able to ask for parole.

Wilkinson and Waid were initially targeted for the death penalty by the prosecution, but Terry Caffey intervened and asked for a different outcome. He had gone through a lot, yet he still had trust in the lesson of forgiveness that his faith had taught him.

Even after the massacre, Terry Caffey and his daughter remained close. Erin Caffey continues to deny having any involvement in the murder’s preparation, thus it seems that it wasn’t easy for him at first.

She argues to her father that on the night of the murder she attempted to flee Wilkinson but was made to remain in the car.

Her father has faith in her.

Final Lines

Two intruders on March 1, 2008, killed two small children and their mother after breaking into the Caffey home near Alba, Texas. Erin Caffey, 16, and her father Terry Caffey, who was shot numerous times before the burglars set fire to the house, were the only ones to escape.

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