Who Is Warhammer…Who Would Henry Cavill Play In 40k Film Or Show?

Actor Henry Cavill, an actor, is no longer satisfied with playing Superman or Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. He will now act as the first significant star and executive producer of the Warhammer cinematic universe. What, though, is Warhammer? Why would one of Hollywood’s most talented individuals want to invest their time and money into making it a reality? And who else might he decide to play?

Who Is Warhammer?

Warhammer is a game where battles occur on large tables with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of hand-painted miniatures and scale-model terrain. It is also a hobby where fans work to make those playing pieces as intricate, unique, and dramatic as possible. It was inspired by a gaming tradition that includes battles fought with Napoleonic and other historical miniatures.

There are two primary branches to the Warhammer universe, which British game developer Games Workshop developed. Games Workshop began operations in 1975 by producing traditional games and later bringing Dungeons & Dragons into Europe. The first features a high fantasy world with swords and sorcery called Warhammer Fantasy. The second branch, known as Warhammer 40,000 or 40K, is undoubtedly the more well-known one.

Henry Cavill is most fascinated by the branch of science fiction developed in the 1980s as political satire. From this point, he will start building the Warhammer cinematic universe.

The 41st-millennium setting of Warhammer 40,000 places humanity as the primary emphasis of its lore. The location presents a bleak vision of a post-post-postapocalyptic society imprisoned in an actual dark age and dominated by a tyrannical warlord known as the God-Emperor of Mankind who possesses solid psychic skills. It is a culture poisoned by its stupidity, where innovation has been stifled, and billions of people and millions of worlds toil to fund unfathomably large-scale wars.

What Are The Warhammer 40k Pillars?

Above all, the Warhammer 40,000 world is dismal and terrible. That applies to both its signature graphic style and its fiction. This has made the 40K universe a fertile field for storytellers of all shades, who have translated it into comic books, books, video games, and animated shows. Warhammer TV is a subscription television program run by Games Workshop.

Humanity in 40K is deeply corrupt, bureaucratic, and zealous, fighting a never-ending battle against a slew of equally evil threats. Many Warhammer storylines revolve around clashes with chitinous insect hordes, powerful orks, unknowable alien intellects, and even space communists.

Still, the greatest threat to humanity’s survival is Chaos, a magical force capable of corrupting entire planets and transforming their inhabitants into violent cults bent on self-annihilation. A few human factions function as pillars in practically every story.

Space Marines

The Space Marines are 8-foot-tall indoctrinated child warriors outfitted in fanciful powered armor. They are genetically produced super-soldiers drawn from populated worlds throughout the 40K galaxy. There are hundreds of Space Marine chapters and tens of thousands of individual Marines, but the typical person will never see one.

The Imperial Guard

Regular people who volunteer or are conscripted into the Imperial army make up the Imperial Guard, the line troops of the Empire. Its forces are drawn throughout the Empire and include units from the British, French, Russian, and Indian nations, among other widely recognizable countries and nationalities.

The Adeptus Mechanicus

A subset of humanity that has fully embraced transhumanism is called the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is a very religious organization with its main office on Mars that is devoted to the so-called Machine Spirit. Most of humanity’s technological advancements over the past 10,000 years or more can be attributed to it.

The Inquisition

The Inquisition, a mighty institution inside the Empire of Mankind, is committed to eradicating heresy against the God Emperor. Its agents, called Inquisitors, covertly investigate conspiracies throughout human-controlled space. It frequently finds itself at odds with the forces of Chaos, which seek covertly to weaken and topple the Empire.
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What Are The Storylines In Warhammer 40k?

More than 200 publications, including Warhammer Fantasy, are available through Games Workshop’s publishing label. The 40K brand’s representative story arcs can all be expanded into feature films or the start of new franchises in this place, which goes by the name of the Black Library.

Who Is Warhammer
                                                                                            Who Is Warhammer

The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy, a series of more than 60 volumes, chronicles the tale of the God-creation Emperor of the Space Marines and the fratricidal civil war that broke out in the 31st millennium and led to the situation in the year 40,000.

The Inquisition Series

The Inquisitors Gregor Eisenhorn, Gideon Ravenor, and Alizabeth Bequin battle a potent Chaos plan to topple the Imperium in Dan Abnett’s Inquisition Series. You’d be more or less in the right ballpark if you combined Blade Runner, The Young Pope, Sherlock Holmes, and a little bit of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke’s Training Day.

Gaunt’s Ghosts

The pulpiest of the three main pillars described here is perhaps The Gaunt’s Ghosts series, partially based on Sharpe’s Rifles, the 1993 television series starring Sean Bean. Imperial commissar Ibram Gaunt, a political official who is also a military commander, is the main character. The traditional Russian commissars model him. Despite overwhelming odds, he leads the Tanith First and Only, an Imperial guard unit of men and women.

In A 40k Movie Or Tv Show, Who Would Henry Cavill Play?

Since the God-Emperor of Mankind is essentially a living corpse, it is doubtful that Cavill will play that role unless Horu’s Heresy is the film’s main subject. Maybe so. It would make more sense for Cavill to play Horus Lupercal, the arch-traitors in those novels, or even Gavriel Loken, a valiant Space Marine who fights against his dissident brethren.

Who Is Warhammer
                                                                                              Who Is Warhammer

Prudence, though, requires that Amazon proceed cautiously with this new endeavor, presenting more miniature tales before committing entirely to an epic magnitude of Star Wars or Dune. In light of this, Cavill might also appear as Commissar Gaunt or Inquisitor Eisenhorn. Eisenhorn is the likely candidate, as those novels would bring the plot closer to the 40K universe’s political hotspots and make room for more spinoffs and crossovers, similar to The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett were closely related.

Additionally, a live-action version of the Eisenhorn books was unveiled for release in 2019. Since that first announcement, very little new information has been made available.

What Exactly Is The Size Of This Cinematic Universe?

But remember that the possible Warhammer film universe doesn’t end with 40K. Games Workshop wants you to keep this in mind, which is why it made a point of mentioning it in its statement on Friday. The pantheons of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy are closely related and may work as a bridge to draw people from a science fiction setting into a high fantasy one, and vice versa. Additionally, sub-brands like Necromunda or Blood Bowl can provide a suitable environment for future series of films.

The fact is that Games Workshop is sitting on a gold mine of intellectual property and is already among the most successful companies in the whole tabletop gaming industry. There’s no telling how far things might go now that Cavill has been made its symbol.

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