Police Investigate Casey Kasem’s Death After Four Years

This Saturday, November 24, a new episode of “48 Hours” on CBS-TV will delve into the scandalous and puzzling circumstances surrounding the death of radio legend Casey Kasem four years ago. His wife, Jean Kasem, talks about ongoing family strife, a lawsuit alleging murder, and her story of her husband’s dying days for the first time.

Following his death on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014, “the conflict grew nuclear as both sides accused each other of hastening his death, while they battled for his large estate and his ultimate resting place,” according to a CBS news release. “The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem” will air at 10 pm.

Naturally, Kasem was heard by millions of people all over the world as the host of the renowned music countdown show “American Top 40” and as Shaggy in the beloved animated series “Scooby Doo.”

Casey Kasem's Death
Casey Kasem’s Death

Jean Kasem is frank with the host of “48 Hours”: “They killed my husband,” she says. “They murdered their dad,” One of Kasem’s three adult children, Kerri, responds, “Jean killed my father. He died as a result of what she did.

According to CBS, Casey Kasem died in 2014 from a condition similar to Parkinson’s. His estate was valued at between $80 million and $100 million at the time. His family engaged in a conflict over the cash, with his adult children on one side and Jean on the other.

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According to Jean Kasem, her husband eventually cut his children off financially because Kerri, Julie, and Michael were only interested in his money, as reported by CBS. She claims that money has always been the main focus. “We turned into Kasem’s bank. We became the private ATM.”

Casey Kasem's Death
Casey Kasem’s Death

She asserts that the kids were outraged and started a calculated scheme that killed their dad. According to Kerri Kasem and her siblings, it is untrue. Kerri Kasem states, “Jean Kasem just wanted money from my dad.” That’s it, then.

In “The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem,” a film by Van Sant, and “48 Hours,” produced by Chuck Stevenson and Resa Matthews, the host’s life, death, and legacy are examined. The 24/7 “American Top 40” station on iHeartRadio still features Kasem, and SiriusXM airs programming from the 1970s on the weekends.

Final Words

Kasem passed away at 82 on June 15, 2014, at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington. Sepsis brought on by bedsores that had become infected was listed as the direct cause of death. Also, check Big Scarr’s Cause of Death: From What Overdose Did He Died?

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