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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Sold Over 1 Million and Reached 4.5 Million Xbox Players

The horror game "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," developed by Sumo Nottingham and released by Gun Interactive, has hit a

By Manoj 3 Min Read

Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Debuts on PS5 & Xbox Series X|S on February 29!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has exciting news for gamers: the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ game is now available on PlayStation 5

By Manoj 2 Min Read

Pokémon Legends Z-A Game Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2025

During the Pokémon Presents stream on February 27, 2024, also known as Pokémon Day, The Pokémon Company International made a

By Manoj 2 Min Read

Is No Game No Life Season 2 Happening?

So far, there's no official word on whether 'No Game No Life' will get a second season, which means we

By Manoj 4 Min Read

Live-Action Adaptation of Trillion Game Manga Set to Hit Theaters in 2025

Exciting news has come out for fans of the popular Trillion Game manga series! The official Instagram account for the

By Manoj 2 Min Read

Top Free Logical Puzzle Games for Everyday Gaming

Are you a fan of logical puzzles? Do you love the challenge that comes with logic-based problem-solving? If so, you've

By Lee Daily 8 Min Read

Anta Kai 1 Release Date: Kyrie Irving Reveals Signature Shoe In Mavericks Game!!

What could be more exciting than facing your former team in a nationally broadcast match and wearing your first pair of

By Benjamin Johnson 2 Min Read

Porsche Taycan 2024 Release Date: A Game Changer in Electric Cars!

Porsche is back with the latest Taycan, and it's got some incredible upgrades. This time, the Taycan can travel up

By Manoj 3 Min Read

Teddy Bridgewater Net Worth: Mastering the NFL Game and Wealth Scoreboard!

Teddy Bridgewater has established himself as a gifted quarterback in the fast-paced world of professional football, generating curiosity about his

By Jasley Marry 5 Min Read

MatPat Retirement: Saying Goodbye to the Game Theorists After 13 Years

MatPat, a popular gaming YouTuber, has announced his retirement from The Game Theorists. Matthew Patrick, the host of The Game

By Benjamin Johnson 7 Min Read

Julio Jones Injury Alters Eagles’ Game Plan (Latest Updates)

The Philadelphia Eagles went into Monday night's Wild Card game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers without WR1 A.J. Brown. Their

By Benjamin Johnson 2 Min Read

Entertaining Classic Card Games for Kids to Enjoy

As a parent, free time can be one of your most valuable assets. Keeping the kids busy without spending too

By Lee Daily 9 Min Read