Why Kamala Harris Did Not Solute to Military Officers?

As per the news circulated on 23rd March 2021, Kamala Harris refuses to salute the honour guard at the aircraft’s steps. After this incident, people start criticizing her. And everyone posted on tweet about it by saying that she did not pay respect to US Army officers.

Do you know why it is necessary to give a return solute from the President or Vice President of the USA?

If you don’t know, you must know that there isn’t any rule regarding the salute. But in the tweets, they have mentioned that President or Vice President of the USA should have to give return solute to the Army Officer.

It is their own choice that they are giving return solute in respect of Army, but we can’t say if the Vice President of US did not give return solute to Military Officer, she did disrespect them.

She forgot to salute because she was overwhelmed with looking presidential as she climbed the stairs to Air Force Two.

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Final Words:

No matter how big our position is, but we should respect our military. If she forgets to salute back, she should take care of it in the future because if the Vice President of any country pays respect to their Military, their confidence also increased. Hence it makes them happy.

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