Gareth Bale Said No to Racism in His Recent Act Against Ondrej Kudela

Till now, we have seen different acts of racism throughout football history. And everyone is well aware of the fact that the player Gareth Bale is totally against such type of acts. Whereas, in his last match, what the British star did was something no one has imagined.

Gareth Bale said no to Racism

In the recent match of World Cup qualifier between the Czech Republic and Wales, they won the match by 1-0, as Antonio Barak has replaced the former’s player in the 87th minute. Because Gareth Bale elbowed the player, Ondrej Kudela, in the face. The Czech Republic player has also been accused of racially abusing the Ranger’s player, Glen Kamara.

Notice by Glen Kamara

In his last tweet, Glen Kamara attached a notice in which he clarified what has been said by the 34-year-old defender after coming close to the ear of the Finnish star. Kamara claimed that he whispered, “You are fucking monkey, and you know that you are.” In such a loud voice, these words have been stated that his team-mate Bongani Zungu, standing next to him, also heard what was said. 

The Ranger’s player has requested UEFA to undergo probing against Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kundela’s racist act. Further said, he is waiting for the UEFA’s investigation outcome, and till then, he won’t issue any statement from his side.

Show Racism the Red Card

Since this racial incident, it’s just been a week of Europa League between Kundela and Kamara. When the Wales player, a keen supporter of anti-racism, Bale gives Ondrej Kundela a tight blow to the face. Now fans are predicting that what Bale did with the Czech Republic defender was intentional. And he wants to show that there is no space for racism in football. Following the tagline, “Show Racism the Red Card.”

UEFA’s Decision is Yet to Come

Well, everyone is speaking in support of the Ranger’s player, Glen Kamara, but no declaration has been issued from UEFA.