Caroline 2: Neil Gaiman Shows Us a Ray of Hope

Original Caroline is a gem and has created an immense fanbase. Despite a steady fanbase, the makers have not produced a sequel. Is there still a chance for Caroline 2? 

Caroline is a horror, thriller, fantasy stop-motion classic that premiered in 2009. Caroline is based on the 2003 novel of the same name, written by Neil Gaiman. The story follows Coraline Jones, a curious 11-year-old girl who recently shifted to an old mansion with his parents. Her life was quite dull and monotonous until she found a door to the parallel universe.

The stop motion film is directed by  Henry Selick, who you may know from his other popular stop-motion films like James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Though this movie is meant for children, it has covered some dark and evil aspects. That is the reason it is referred to as a creepy stop motion film. 

The film first hit the screen on February 5, 2009.  Soon it created a cult following and turned out to be a huge commercial success. The film has also been nominated for several prestigious awards. It gets the honor of winning Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, San Francisco Film Critics Circle Awards, BAFTA Awards, and many more.

Soon after its release, the steady fanbase of the movie starts looking towards the face for Caroline 2. Unfortunately, more than a decade has elapsed since then, and filmmakers have not uttered a word about the sequel. Well, this seems alarming. What does it mean? Will we ever get the Caroline 2 or not? Before answering the above question, let’s delve into the details of Original Caroline.

The Cast of Caroline 2

The following actors have voiced characters in Caroline. 

Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones, Teri Hatcher as Mel Jones, Jennifer Saunders as April Spink, Dawn French as Miriam Forcible Keith David as The Cat, John Hodgman as Charlie Jones, John Linnell as the Other Father, Robert Bailey Jr. as Wyborne, Ian McShane as Sergei Alexander Bobinsky, and Carolyn Crawford as Mrs. Lovat. 

Other actors who voiced for characters are –

Sankha Neal as Sweet Ghost Girl, George Selick as Ghost Boy, Hannah Kaiser as Tall Ghost Girl, Marina Budovsky as Photo Friend #1, Harry Selick as Photo Friend #2, and Emerson Tenney as the dragonflies in the Other World.

The Plot of Caroline: Recap

The story introduces us to a young child named Caroline who shifted to an old house with her parents. As her parents were busy, she found herself ignored and her life boring until the day she found a mysterious door. Meanwhile, Coraline met Wyborne and his pet cat. Wimborne presented Coraline with a doll that looks the same as her except for the eyes. When Caroline opened the mysterious gate first, he found a wall there. However, on the other night, when one rat guided her to the door, the wall disappeared and a tunnel formed.

Caroline traveled through the tunnel and found the parallel world with doppelgängers of her parents and other known people except for the eyes. Doppelgängers have a button in place of eyes. Caroline enjoyed being in the other world as her parents and everybody were more fun there. Caroline visited the parallel world several times and, one day, the other mother and father asked her to stay there forever by tying a button in place of her eyes.

Petrified Caroline when demanded to return to the original world, the other mother imprisoned her in the mirror. She met other child victims there. They told her the name of the other mother is Beldon. Beldam used the same doll that Whyborne gave her to entice the child to come to the other world who are sad.

Knowing the truth, she decided to free all the trapped souls. She somehow gets out of the door but soon discovers that her parents were held hostage by Beldam. Caroline took the help of Misses Spink, who gave her an adder stone to release her parents. She returned to the other world and asked Beldam to play a game with her. Caroline told Beldam that if she found her parents and other children, she would let them go. If she failed, she would stay there forever. Beldon agreed, and Caroline began his adventure there.

Ultimately, she managed to trick Beldom and locked her inside the parallel universe. She freed her parents and the souls of other child victims. Her parents started existing in the real world with no memory of what had happened. Later, ghost children came into her dream to thank her and warned her that Beldam would continue to search for the key. So, Caroline and Whyborne went to an old well near her house, dropped the key there, and shut it.

Will we ever see Caroline 2?

The answer to the above question is complicated. The creators have wrapped the story well, and it ended on a happy note. But there is still scope for the sequel as Beldam is still alive.

However, the source material for the movie is exhausted. Neil Gaiman,  the author of the novel on which the film is based, has not written the sequel. He is probably busy with other projects. He specifically told the fans he would only proceed with the sequel if he got something better than the first one. Well, seeing his busy schedule, the sequel seems unlikely for a while.

However, Neil Gaiman shows us a ray of hope for Caroline 2.   

Trailer of Caroline:

Until the trailer for Caroline arrives, watch the trailer of Original Caroline.

YouTube video

Rating of Caroline

Caroline scored pretty well and scored an IMDB rating of 7.1 out of 10.

Where can We Watch Caroline Movie?

You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video by changing your region as it is not available in the Indian region. You can download it from Torrent as well.

Caroline 2: Final Words

Though the movie is creepy, it is worth watching. The film is universally famous for its breathtaking graphics, quirky characters, and engaging premise. There is no news of Caroline 2 for now, but we hope for good news sometime.

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