Domino’s India Data Leak, 1 Million Credit Card Data Revealed. 

Another data leak…!!! Cyber crooks are active again and now data breach is done with the world famous Pizza chains, Domino’s. Domino’s data including privates files which were generated from 2015 to 2021, personal details of domino’s 250 employees and sensitive information of customers including their names, phone numbers, delivery address and the credit card has been allegedly been breached by the cyber crooks. As per resource the total data of 13 TB (Terabytes) having 18 crore orders by the customers is hacked by the hackers.

The world famous American Pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s India is owned and operated by food service company Jubilant Foodworks. In 285 cities, this franchise has a network of 1,314 restaurants. Besides India Jubilant Foodworks operates the Domino’s Pizza brand in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. But at this moment it is totally unclear that whether the data of customers in these three countries is hacked or not by the cyber crooks.

Official Tweet for Domino’s Data Breach

On Sunday, a tweet was made by Alon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock about the data breach of Domino’s India. In addition to this tweet, according to the executive it was claimed by the hackers that they have got complete order details of customer (approx. 18 Crore orders) and more than 10 lakh credit card details (Name, Phone Number, Permanente Address, Delivery Address, Payment Card Details etc) used to purchase on Domino’s India app.

Where the hacked data Available?

Cyber crooks make available the hacked data on the dark web. Now, Domino’s India Leaked Data is available on the dark web and ready to sell and the hackers are looking to sell the entire data to a single buyer only. Alon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock said that the hackers are demanding worth $550,000 (around Rs. 4 crore) for the entire hacked Domino’s database, at current market rates. In this context, the cyber crooks also have plans to build a search portal to enable querying the data which is harmful.

As per analysis, Cybersecurity issues have been growing day by day in India. Last month MobiKwik was the victim of a data breach and its millions of user’s data were hacked and make available on the Dark web.  In this queue, Indigo Airlines was also reported In January that it has to face a data breach by cyber crooks.