Shang Chi Trailer, Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Marvel gave a sweet surprise to its fans on April 19 when it dropped the teaser trailer of the much-awaited movie Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially entered into Phase-4. The ongoing covid-19 pandemic did affect the original plans of MCU phase-4 but we are glad that the universe is moving forward.

Phase-4 Kick-started with Wanda-vision TV miniseries, followed by Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, fans are eagerly waiting for MCU’s big-screen project for the past one and a half years.

2021 can become a really good year for MCU fans as we are getting not one or two but five MCU movies. Black widow will open the MCU film fest in July followed by Shang-Chi, Venom 2, Eternals and Spider-Man 3.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-chi will officially be the 25th movie of Marvel Cinematic universe. Like all other MCU movies, it will connect dots to form a bigger picture of Phase-4. If you are a diehard fan of MCU movies then I bet you cannot wait to see how Kung-FU superhero Shang-chi will fit in the bigger schemes of Marvel Cinematic Universe (or Multi-verse).

MCU has a dedicated fan following and this is the reason why as soon as the trailer dropped it became trending worldwide. Reddit forums were filled up with many theories about how the Shang-chi trailer has hidden meanings and easter eggs. Let’s discuss the trailer in detail below

Shang-Chi Trailer and Plot

The trailer is a little above 2 minutes long and it introduces us to Marvel’s new Superhero Shang-chi. Die-hard fans of Marvel comics already know how powerful Shang-chi is and how much important he is to the Avengers team in comics.

Shang-chi is an expert martial artist who trained under the mystic Ten-Rings organization. He left the organization at a young age after he found out about the hidden evil agendas of it. The organization is run by his father and he makes it a mission to trace Shang-chi and bring him back under his command.

The trailer mention that Shang-chi left the organization 10 years ago and is living a normal life in San Fransisco. This clears the whereabouts of the character during the New York invasion in The Avengers.

However, fans with eagle eyes watched the trailer closely and pointed out that Shang-chi has a connection with Falcon and Spider-man. At one point in the trailer (0:53 to be exact) we can see John walker’s Captain America shield hanging on the wall behind a well ripped Simu Liu (Shang-chi).

Marvel has a strange obsession with public transport as we can see bus fights, train fights, and even plane fights in almost every Marvel movie. Shang-chi too has a bus fight scene but that’s not an uncommon thing. What made fans have a second look at it was the passengers present in the bus.

Turned out Zach cherry was on board. If you don’t remember Zach cherry then don’t stress. He happened to be sharing a bus ride with Tom holland’s Spiderman in Homecoming. The scene was 30 second long but including his appearance in the trailer shows how much focus marvel have on details.
So are we going to see a spider-man and Shang chi team up in near future? Only time will tell.

Shang-Chi Cast

Canadian actor Simu Liu was roped in by Marvel to play the superhero with Asian roots. Interestingly Simu Liu was bugging Marvel on Twitter since 2012 asking them about an Asian superhero. It finally paid off when Marvel hired him to be the first Asian superhero of MCU (sorry WONG but many consider you a sidekick).

Apart from this, we will finally get to see The Mandarin who is being teased since the first iron-man movie. Tony Leung will play him. We are 90% sure that Marvel won’t bluff this time like they did in Iron-man 2 and we will surely be introduced to the real Mandarin.
Apart from this, the cast will include actress Awkwafina, Michelle Yeah, and Fala Chen. We might see any character of other MCU movies crossing over in Shang-chi

Shang Chi release date

Shang-Chi will release on the big screen on September 3, 2021. We hope that the world contains the pandemic till then so that we can enjoy the movie in theaters.

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