Who Killed Sara Season 2 Release Date Status, & Other Updates

Who killed Sara? It is not just the name of the TV series but also the premise of it. It follows the story of a brother Alex Guzman who wants to find out who killed her sister and take revenge after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he never committed.

The Mexican thriller show who killed Sarah was first released in March 2021 on Netflix. Even after the first season, the show wasn’t able to conclude who the real killer was. So fans are eagerly waiting to watch Who Killed Sara? season 2.

But the biggest question is when will it be released? And when it does, will Alex Guzman be able to take revenge on the person responsible for the Lazcano family? Well, let’s find out:

Who killed Sara’s Season 2 release date?

When a TV series ends, you naturally expect it to release a new season sometime by the end of that year, or next year, right? Even some of the popular Netflix Original takes ages to release a new season. But that’s not the case with the who killed Sara TV series.

The other 10 episodes of Who Killed Sara Season 2 will premiere on May 19, 2021. The next season will pick up from where it left off.

With Alex Guzman’s endless crusade to find the real truth behind the death of his sister Sarah. To be honest, Who Killed Sara season 2 will release in the next few days. But the way the first season ended, I can’t wait to see it. What about you?

Who kills Sara Season 2: New cast additions?

If you have seen the first season, you might already know that there is a lot left between Alex Guzman and the Lazcano family. If that wasn’t enough, Who Killed Sara season 2 is expanding with some new cast members like:

✅Matias Novia

✅DANIEL Gimenez Cacho

✅Antonio de la Vega

Even though there isn’t much information on what role they will play in the upcoming season. But one thing is sure, it will be close enough to give you chills. What happened at the end of who killed Sara in Season 1?

Before I started watching the show, I thought by the end of the first season, Alex Guzman will find the real killer responsible for the death of his sister and get him jailed for 18 years. But instead of getting closer to the truth, he stemmed on many Lazcano family secrets.

What’s So Special about who killed Sara in Season 2?

Well, the first thing is the show is penned by its writer José with a trio of directors:

✅David Leche Ruiz

✅Poncho Pined

✅Carlos Bolado

And the second thing would be the earth-shattering revelation for Alex Guzman as he deeps down into the secrets of her sister Sara.

If that wasn’t enough, Netflix Mexico in a brief teaser trailer what’s next in store for Alex in who killed Sara Chapter 2. Here is the teaser trailer:

The teaser’s caption reads out as follows:

“Alex will have to face a much more dangerous question: Who really was his sister.”

Now, with that questions in mind will Alex be able to figure out her past?
And once he does, will he be able to use it to find who’s the real killer behind her murder?

Final Words

Now that we are days away from getting who killed Sara, season 2, What do you think?

Will this series conclude with the second season? Or we would have to wait for who killed Sara in Season 3 or Who Killed Sara in Season 4 for that? And once Alex finds the killer, how will he get his revenge? That is all for now. What are you expecting to see in who killed Sara Season 2?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.