Girl From Nowhere Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Plot

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai TV treasury show. Girl From Nowhere Season 2 will release soon. Girl from nowhere is a Thai web series that has a large plot and a different storyline. 

The story is motivated by regular life habits and the things included in them, which we normally don’t regard much, but they significantly influence our ethical code. The tale is about a modern girl named Nanno; She is the sort of girl you might not want if she was your classmate, more like the weeping kind of girl.

The plot rotates throughout the life stories of this modern girl; although the tale might seem very basic for you right now, it is a brain opener for all of us. Here is everything we know about Girl From Nowhere season 2.

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Release Date

The official platform Netflix has revealed information on the release date of the Girl From Nowhere season 2. And the creation of the show has already begun, and season 2 will release on 7 May 2021.

Season 1 of the series has 12 episodes, so there are possibilities that season 2 will also have around 12 episodes.

Girls From Nowhere Season 2 Cast

The Girls From Nowhere season 2 cast is as follows:

  • Chicha Amatayakul being Nanno
  • Mr Jib being Thananon Meesrisong
  • Mr Win will play the role of Thanavate Siriwattanagul
  • The headmaster will play the role of Phiphob Kamolketsophon.
  • Mei will play the role of Naerunchara Lertprasert
  • Mrs. Mali will play the role of Nijsa Suwannapreksachati
  • Vaew being Shinaradee Anupongpichart
  • Num will play the role of Jiraphat Vongruempibool.
  • Police will play the role of Saranyu Somsre
  • Mr Troe being Tempoom Moolsup
  • Guard being Surakij Natho
  • Wan Janpim being Rachawangmuang
  • Ing being Palita Kitiyodom
  • Taew will play the role of Thitinan Khlangphet
  • Wit being a Kong kid Visessiri
  • Shorty will play the role of Chettapat Kueankaeo

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Trailer

Netflix released a short Teaser of the series. The teaser provided us with a quick idea of what will happen with Nanno in season 2. You can watch the Girl From Nowhere season 2 trailer here:

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Plot

The 1st episode starts with the phrase” there are two sides of the coin”. This phrase will, later on, be explained in a form you couldn’t yet think of. 

Nanno gets admission to a highly prestigious institution after she gets shifted; the school has considerable fame and has additionally been given the whole school of the year prize in that area. The school seems fabulous, and people want their kids to study in such an exceptional training centre.

But as comes the tale, there is some twist; the school teacher asks Nanno to assist him with some yoga videos as the videos will be advertised for instructional goals. 

Nanno is more than pleased to assist the teacher of a new institution as she believes it will be excellent for her to make strong relationships with people in the school. But opposite to her mind, the teacher rolls out to be a kid predator; while he assisted the teacher, he began touching Nanno improperly. 

Nanno knew the situation and seemed as if she was okay with what was occurring as she understood working right out of action might not finish well at the time. The season 2 story may proceed further.

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Final Words

Girl From Nowhere is soon to be released on the streaming platform. But now you can see its official teaser and guess the storyline. When we get some further updates, we will definitely inform you!

Thank you for your valuable time in reading this!  

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