House of the Dragon Trailer, Cast, Set Photos, Filming, Release date

House of the Dragon is the forthcoming American fiction comedy TV series produced by Ryan Condal and George R. R. Martin. Fire and blood fall on House of the Dragon, HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel regarding the Targaryen family. The show recently started creation, and the cast has begun shooting. 

The leaked set pictures show star Matt Smith’s transform from The Crown’s Prince Philip to a Targaryen king. HBO further freshly shared photos of the House of the Dragon characters.

Game of Thrones, which ended its eight-season way in May 2019. HBO desired to catch up on the most incredible series in its records, so the network started expanding five possible Game of Thrones spinoffs. They drove ahead with one: House of the Dragon. Here is everything we know so far regarding House of the Dragon.

House Of The Dragon Release Date

There is no release date revealed for House Of The Dragon, but HBO knows when the series will broadcast. HBO declared the series line in October 2019. At the end of July 2020, the initial shots of casting started. 

But that yet leaves many levels: shooting, editing, visual effects. It may need a notable amount of time as a Targaryen-centered series will have to involve dragons. 

“My opinion is sometime in 2022,” HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys said, deadline in January 2020. “It’s a huge, complex series.”

If this series obeys a similar timespan, we expect the release date in March or April 2022. That would make a lot of sense as nearly every season of GOT released in these months.

House Of The Dragon Cast

House Of The Dragon Cast is as follows:

  • Paddy Considine being Viserys
  • Sonoya Mizuno being Mysaria
  • Steve Toussaint being Corlys Velaryon
  • Olivia Cooke will perform the role of Alicent Hightower
  • Fabien Frankel will play the role of Criston Cole
  • Matt Smith being Daemon Targaryen
  • Rhys Ifans will perform the role of Otto Hightower
  • Emma D’Arcy being Rhaenyra Targaryen
  • Eve Best will play the role of Rhaenys Velaryon


Main photography on the 10-episode show started in April 2021 and is listed to release in 2022. The series is being shot originally in the United Kingdom. At the end of April 2021, a shooting took place in Cornwall, southwestern England.  


There is no trailer revealed for House of the Dragon yet. HBO could involve the show in the network’s upcoming extensive look-forward teaser for the forthcoming series in 2022.

Set Photos

HBO published the initial set of photos from House of the Dragon, considering production on the series. One of the photos posted on Twitter seems at the characters at an ethically distanced table view.

HBO also tweeted out exclusive pictures of the House of Dragon characters at the table read, which an enthusiast on Instagram usefully set mutually in a collage. 

House Of The Dragon Plot

Modifying pieces of Fire & Blood book, House of the Dragon’s first logline, would plan the origin of the finish of House Targaryen. 

The series doesn’t seem to be going really so far behind as Aegon’s Conquest, which occurred about 300 years before the stories of Game of Thrones, but preferably is mapping the build-up to the performance of and result from the Targaryen fight recognized as The Dance of the Dragons. 

Although the battles and roots of the public war were established throughout Viserys’ reign, it’s after his passing that everything takes a more significant shift, as Rhaenyra, who was Viserys’ preferred beneficiary, has her right claimed by Aegon II, Viserys’ boy, with Alicent, whom he had not got his successor to the shock of many. 

The result was a fierce, passionate, and destructive civil war that remained two years, distributing most Westeros into two teams: the greens and the blacks. 


Taking position about 170-200 years before Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is an opportunity to view House Targaryen through its top: the strong leaders of Westeros, with many Targaryens, live and across a dozen dragons, yet in reality, it’s severe opposition to Daenerys being the final one with only three dragons in Game of Thrones. 

While its tale will be more Targaryen concentrated, though, there’s yet the same opportunity for many governmental plots, family comedy, and Dragon loaded performance in House of the Dragon’s tale.

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Final Words

Here you have all information regarding House Of The Dragon. If you love to watch fictional comedy web series then you must give this series a chance. I assure you won’t get disappointed. If we get some further updates then we surely notify you. So, stay connected with us!

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