The Following Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

The Following is an American scandal drama TV show produced by Kevin Williamson. He is additionally popularly recognised for producing and composing the screenplay for the slasher movie Scream (1996), as well as its series, Scream 2 (1997) and Scream 4 (2011). 

The initial season highlights past FBI assistant Kevin Bacon attempting to support retake serial criminal Joe Carroll. At the equivalent time, Carroll’s collected cult catches Carroll’s son from his ex-wife and transfers Carroll’s letters to the globe. 

The 2nd season includes Hardy’s nephew, who gives aid in getting Carroll after his simulated loss while also dealing with a different cult. Here is everything we know so far about The Following season 3!

The Following Season 3 Release Date

The 3rd and last season of the Fox American TV psychical drama show aired on March 2, 2015, and ended on May 18, 2015, with 15 episodes. 

The Following Season 3 Cast

The cast of The Following Season 3 is as follows:

  • Kevin Bacon being Ryan Hardy
  • Michael Ealy being Theo Noble 
  • Jessica Stroup performed as Max Hardy
  • James Purefoy played the role of Joe Carroll
  • Zuleikha Robinson being Gwen
  • Shawn Ashmore acted as Mike Weston
  • Gregg Henry played the role of Dr Arthur Strauss
  • Sam Underwood played the role of Mark Gray

The Following Season 3 Trailer

You can watch The Following Season 3 trailer below:

The Following Season 3 Plot

One year on from the Season 2 closing, and Joe Caroll is on Death Row risking performance. Ryan is trying to push on with his life and is in a tie with Gwen. 

When the FBI finds three bodies in a resort room with a letter stating ‘Ryan Hardy Lies’, he sees that Mark Gray has reappeared. Focused on Gwen’s security, Ryan tries to split off their bond, but she declines. 

They see that Mark presently has supporters and recreates the views in which Mark’s family members were shot.

Mark’s supporters kidnap the FBI Agent Jeffrey Clarke and try to destroy his partner Anna; Mark then begins a connection with the FBI and provides them with a deadline of 8 p.m. to speak the truth regarding what occurred with Lily Gray. 

Sooner than meet Joe in jail, Ryan calls Dr Arthur Strauss to know more regarding Andrew and his goals. When Jeffrey departs from Mark’s fans, he talks to Ryan, and the FBI tracks the signal to Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Now retaken, Jeffrey is bound to admit the FBI’s misbehaviour under pressure on an active internet stream. Ryan, Max and Weston get his body in a carton.

Ryan visits a journalist’s discussion to reject the allegations made by Clarke. He reveals to the journalists that Clarke’s statement was made under pressure and that Mark Gray and his supporters were engaged in his death. 

Kyle and Daisy have their suspicions regarding waiting with Mark when Ryan shows a picture of them to the press and stands out to them to make the connection. Kyle and Daisy join with Julianna, who advises them to live with Mark and provides them with a list of Max Hardy, which includes her address and warning codes. 

Meantime, Mark kidnaps two journalists; he kills one of them and pushes the other to talk him into putting his view of the tale; when the journalist tries to leave, Daisy kills her. Ryan, Max and Weston see that the guy liable for killing Clarke is Neil and find him using his dad, who has a madness and uses a GPS tracker. 


Neil pulls his rifle on Ryan, but Max kills him. That night Kyle and Daisy fix cameras in Max’s home.

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