Pixel 6 Camera Upgrade, Apple Watch Series 7 Redesign & More! (Video)

The Pixel 6 series will have significant changes. It’s not just about the prominent camera bulge at the rear. A lot of changes are done in Pixel 6, mainly in the camera area. According to the resources, Google will finally meet the megapixel battles of smartphone cameras by the changes done in 6series, including sensors with the Pixel 6 series.

Pixels Camera Upgrade

From the beginning, Pixel developed out, and Google has continued to a 12MP wide camera sensor also has held enhancement its product while operating its analytical snap shooting charm. 

The performance of the camera display has improved over the years aloft, but talking about drastically not as opponents like Samsung, including HUAWEI. In the race of dual-cameras, Google was late to join the race. Not only this, but Google was also slow in trending three, four, five back cameras party, mainly a higher professional camera lens latest design for a more extended zooming range.

But now Google has back in the race with the series 6 with advanced features and a substantial balky camera.

Apple Watch Series 7 Redesign 

The Apple Watch Series 7 is coming with some impressive modified highlights. There have been periodic statements declaring the latest series from Apple will get excellent wellness sensors.

And now, it seems like the Apple Watch Series 7 will also highlight a unique design. Apple has implied extending a policy beyond its different products recently. The iPhone 12 series begins with a lovely flat-screen including a flat structure, as do the latest iPad Pro plus Air models, supported by the unique iMac, and reports that the newest MacBook patterns will get the related processing. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Design

The Apple Watch Series 7 will get smooth sides but will retain the rectangle-formed watch dial. The news also implies that Apple will originate a fresh green color modification of the Watch. These all are based on pictures presented to him by a good beginning. 

The Apple Watch highlighted rounded corners, but that will improve with Series 7. The Guardian will soon meet the idea of the iPhone 12 list, which meant the beginning to recognize the current flat design plan.


The smooth design will further indicate that the new Watch will be thinner than earlier and have a more inadequate overall biography. The Apple Watch has not observed a significant design development in a great time, aside from secondary changes to the presentation, such as decreasing the bezels to give more extra display real property. 

Launching Date OF Serais 7, Series 6

According to the sources, these two upgraded series will be launched this year or the last of this year. The companies launching this series reveal no date.

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Final Words 

It is all about the Pixel 6 Camera Upgrade, Apple Watch Series 7 Redesign that you must know. We will surely inform you when we receive more news about the upgraded series. According to you, what do you think about this new upcoming upgraded series? Will they bring a massive change in this intelligent race? Please tell us in the comments below! Thank you for your time! Stay tuned with us for such trendy information!

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