Why Elle Woods Is The sucessfull Female Role Model?

If you are searching for why Elle Woods is a successful female role model, let me share a few significant points. I don’t know about you, but I have enjoyed my childhood while watching Legally Blonde some 20 years ago. It was released in 2001.

Yes! Seriously, time flies.

I am sure you have enjoyed watching season 2 as well. Elle Woods is the lead character in it. She loves wearing pink all the time. Elle Woods is the perfect role model for hair styling. She is ideal for fashion aspirants. However, she completed her graduation in LAW from Harvard University. Elle Woods is the feminist queen for me. Still want to know more reasons, let me share a few in detail: – 

Best friends are better than boyfriends

Elle Woods knows well that best friends are always there for you even if you have broken up with your boyfriend. She has her own girlie gang and has so much fun with them.

Embrace wearing pink with elegance

she always likes to wear pink and carry it with much grace. She is the one who conveys that neither orange nor black is the new pink. Pink is the only feminine color, and there is nothing wrong with wearing every dress in pink color if you like it that way. This shows that she is the most confident girl. She is so sassy that it doesn’t matter to her which color is hot in trend. She only loves pink and embraces it with dignity.

Smart Blonde

Elle Woods is the intelligent blonde. She loves shopping, but no salesmen can make her buy old-fashioned clothes. She sets trends and wears the latest fashion clothes only. Elle Woods knows how to get the latest fashion trending dress at an excellent price.


Elle loves herself, which helps her be a confident girl. She embraces her choices, her style, her own way of doing anything. And most importantly, she loved the pink color and colored the whole town in pink. When you love yourself and have confidence that you will succeed, you have already reached halfway to your success. And you will surely win. The same was with Elle Woods, she went to Harvard University to get back Werner, and she did it in her own way.

Strong Head

Werner’s ignorance doesn’t break her down. She went to university just to get him back, but after being ditched by him. Rather than getting back to L.A., she concentrated on studies with high zeal. She might have joined the university to prove something or other to Werner, but the end result was Elle became a highly educated, skilled, strong, independent woman. Moreover, she takes difficulties as challenges. That leads the hindrances into the stepping stones.


Never backout

Elle Woods has faced many difficulties with much power. It is all about attitude. Even if the situation was worst, she has never backed out from any kind of situation. She always stood firm, even if it meant her to stand alone in the crowd. She has a strong belief in her own self, which is the best example for the perfect successful female role model.

Exercise is a must

Elle Woods follows a daily routine to discipline herself. It includes exercising daily. It helps to boost your mood, eliminates stress, and makes your body fresh and active. She usually says that while you exercise daily, it produces a hormone, endorphin, which makes you happier all day long. The ultimate result is that exercise is key to your happiness.

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As per the points mentioned above, I consider Elle Woods as a successful female role model. If you have enjoyed it and waiting for the next season to be released soon like me, I would love to hear from you.


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