Children of Whales Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and updates

Will there be a Children of Whales Season 2? When will it air? Here, you will find out all the updates and news of Season 2.

The Netflix original Children of Whales is an open-ended series that builds the craving for season 2 in the fan’s mind. It was already a hit series, so there will be Children of Whales Season 2, but the bad point is that the producers didn’t announce the sequel yet.

The Sci-Fi, adventurous, and fantastic series Children of Whales (Kujira no Kora wa Sajō ni Utau, lit in Japanese means “Whale Calves Sing on the Sand”) is written and illustrated by Abi Umeda and it is a Netflix Original series. It was released on Netflix in March 2018 and also an anime Japanese television series adaptation by J.C Staff, published in Japan from October to December 2017. It was then adapted by Manga adaptations and 18 volumes have been released till now.

The graphics and visuals of this series are out of this world, and its story is not easy to understand, you have to spend some time to realize this amazing story. But this series is worth watching.

Well continue reading and you will get all the updates of this series.

The plot of Children of Whales Season 2

The story is full of spiritual magic and revolves around a boy Chakuro, who lives on a huge island made up of sand called Mud Whale. On that Island, two types of people lived, Marked and Unmarked. Marked people have some magical power called Thymi but they lack lifespan. Whereas, the unmarked people have a lifespan, with no magical abilities. Here, Chakuro is a marked boy, with his friends he wants to see the people of other lands. So in search of other people, they find a mysterious island, with a mysterious girl called Rikosu. Riko was from the Allied Empire, who wanted to kill the people of Mud Whale because the ancestors of Mud Whale once destroyed the Allied Empire.

In season 2, Chakuro and Rikosu will explore new worlds, and solve the mysteries of those new worlds. The next season will also be full of fantasy, magic, and mysteries.

What will be the cast members of Children of Whales Season2?

We didn’t get any official word about the cast of this sequel, so nothing has been confirmed yet. But we are hoping for some characters from the previous cast to be added in Season 2, as the next season will not complete without them.

  • Chakuro, who is the male protagonist of the series and is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.
  • Lykos is the female protagonist of the series and voiced by Melissa Fahn.
  • Liontari, apatheia in the Allied Empire who is a terrifying killer and voiced by Griffin Burns.
  • Taisha is a former mayor of the Mud Whale and voiced by Erika Nakagawa.
  • Ginsu is everyone’s helper in the Mud Whale and is voiced by Mikako Komatsu.
  • One is a boy having the greatest power for thymic in the Mud Whale and was voiced by Tony Azzolino.
  • Sami is a friend of Chakuro and Suō’s younger sister, voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos.
  • Shaun, who is a former leader of the Vigilante Corps and voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.
  • Suoh, who is an adviser to Mud Whale and Chakuro’s friend, voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.

More characters can be added to make the series more exciting and captivating.

Is the trailer of Children of Whales Season 2?

J.C Staff has not released any trailer because this series has not officially been renewed yet. But there will be a trailer of this series soon and when it arrives, we will update you so just stay tuned.

How can we expect the second season of Children of Whales?

I have researched many anime series, to find out which series get renewed for the next season. So as a result of my researches, a sequel is based on the two facts, that are listed below:

  • Popularity and Profit

If the series gets high ranking and makes a good fan following, then it will give more profit and will be renewed for its sequel. So, Children of Whales Season 1 was well populated and loved by everyone and at the top of all, fans are desperately waiting for Season 2 so there will be a sequel.

  • Source Material:

If a series doesn’t have source material, then it will not be renewed for the sequel. But there are a lot of volumes of Manga series left for Children of Whales Season 2. There are a total of 18 released volumes and six volumes are used for the 1st season; eleven volumes are left.

Children of Whales Season 2
Children of Whales Season 2

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So, it is highly ranked and has good source material. As a result, there will be a season 2 soon.

When will Children of Whales Season 2 release?

The fans who love to watch magical, thriller, adventurous and mysterious series are waiting for the second season of this series, as it is best among its category with great animation and beautiful graphics.

J.C Staff normally didn’t delay renewing a series for the sequel, but they do it so there will be an appropriate reason for that like pandemic conditions. We still know that there will be more updates soon because they didn’t cancel the sequel.

If we want to get an estimate of the release date then hope it will air in fall 2022. But until then we just have to wait for the other adventure of Chakuro.

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