Army of the Dead 2
Army of the Dead 2

Army of the Dead 2: Release date, Expected Cast, Plot, Trailer and Much More

Zack Snyder’s second-best zombie film Army Of The Dead has finally dropped on May,21 and entertained the audience, topping the charts on Netflix. Many viewers started wondering if there will be an Army of the Dead 2 coming at some point down the line.

Army of The Dead is a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries steal 200$ million from the casino. This epic movie overall has overwhelmed its viewers but in the end, it has left a solid endeavor to its viewers. Are you also eager and wondering whether the Army of Dead 2 will premiere this year or next as predicted?  Here are a few latest details for the fans of Army of the Dead.

Army of the Dead 2: Release Date

Although, there has not been any kind of official announcement regarding the date of this sequel from the army team but it can be expected that Army of the Dead  2 can be premiered in 2022 somewhere. We can expect another feature of this film in the year 2023 as well but at the same time it’s all speculation only and no date is fixed yet because it is not officially announced.

Army of the Dead 2 Cast- Who will return?

Who comes back, it depends on the plot but certainly, we are going to meet our lead cast again. As mentioned before, nearly everyone dies in the film, so there would not be many characters you can expect from the Army of the Dead 2. Next, it might bring a new cast and it would be quite interesting to watch to whom they will choose to make the Army of the Dead 2 more entertaining.

  • Dave Bautista as Scott ward: mainly popular for his character from the Guardian of Galaxy franchise and had a fascinating career in wrestling (WWE) as well.
  • Ella Purnell as Kate Ward: she is famous for her role as Emma in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
  • 3.Omari Hardwick as Vanderohe: being the leader of the TV series Power and you might recognize him as Marcus William in the first Kick-Ass Movies.
  • Raul Castillo as Mikey Guzman: The viral–zombie-killing sensation was a genius character for the movie.
  • Samantha Win as Chambers: You can’t forget her even if you want because she has been the lucky charm for Zack.

Plot – Army of the Dead 2

As mentioned before there is no official announcement from the Army of Dead 2 and until Netflix confirms an actual sequel to Army of the Dead 2.

Army of the Dead 2
Army of the Dead 2

The fanbase of the Army of the Dead might be eagerly waiting on receiving some kind of plot details of Army of the Dead 2 at this moment. If we consider the first part of Army of the Dead and its final moment we can assume what could happen in the Army of the Dead 2 next time around.


Vanderohe appears to have survived the nuclear blast which blasted in the last moment of the Army of the Dead who has received no radiation from the nuclear blast in the vault of the kingdom of Crystal skull style and wanted to have his journey to Mexico from a private airport with a massive amount of cash. Unfortunately, he realized that he has been bitten and will take time to show the symptoms.

The plane he was on was heading to Mexico City, so there could be a probable story about where they have to rob a bank or where they have to steal a Cartel’s fortune during the outbreak. It could be assumed from the Army of the Dead 1 that the next part that is Army of the Dead 2 will be sharper and more thriller.

Army of the Dead 2 trailer- What We Know?

Till now there is not any official trailer of the Army of the Dead 2 and until more information comes out about the franchise of the Army of the Dead till the enormous fan base of the Army of the Dead should not expect any new footage for this.

 Although, Army of the Dead has made a great impact on its fan base along with the list of the zombie’s category hence it is probable that the team of the Army of the Dead won’t let its fan wait for more time. The idea of bringing the next part of the Army of the Dead will be insane. But here we will be always with you because as soon as the teaser of the Army of the Dead 2 arrives we will be sure and the first to share this with the entire fan base of the Army of the Dead 2 till then we can wait and assume more different characters and more thriller is expected from the Army of the Dead 2.

 – So yes, there’s plenty more from Army of the Dead, subsequent is on the way and we will soon be back with updates.         

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