Lupin Season 3 Expected Release Date Status, Cast and Plot

Lupin delights the audience very much. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger and leaves the audience in surprise. Have you seen Lupin? If not, then here is a short spoiler that will create interest to know more about it.

Lupin is a mystery thriller streaming TV series that originated in France. George Kay and Francois Uzan are the creators and writers of the series. Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said are the directors of the series. Isabelle Degeorges, Nathan Franck, and Martin Jaubert are the producers of Lupin. 

The series was first released on Netflix on 8th January 2021 and still running, as Lupin Season 3 is on its way. Season one consisted of 2 parts and has a total number of 10 episodes. It has a running time of 40 to 52 minutes. 

The story revolves around Assane Diop, whose father was framed in a robbery of a necklace. He comes to France to give a better life to his child. He also vows revenge for his father’s death. Lupin Season 3 will be a continuation of Season 2. To know more about Assane. You just need to watch the series. Let’s take a look at what will happen in Lupin Season 3.

When Lupin Season 3 Is Going To Release?

The return of the show with its season 3 is no more a surprise now. The show gained so much popularity among the audience that everyone was sure about one more sequel. Lupin, which is all set in Paris, is the first major hit of Netflix in 2021. Fans are comparing it with the other series that are streaming on Netflix. 

Sy tweeted on his account in May about the confirmation of Season 3. He announced that they are unable to hide it anymore, that Lupin part 3 is confirmed. 

Lupin Season 3 is under making. Netflix hasn’t announced anything regarding the release date, but we are confident that the awaited Lupin will be a blockbuster hit. However, we are confirmed about Season 3 but are not sure about the release date. By the end of Season 2, Assane has a reason to leave Paris. Let’s see what could be the following location of Assane. What do you think about it?

What Could Be The Possible Plot Of The Series Lupin Season 3?

Assane finally got his revenge on the villain, Pellegrini. Pellegrini forced the corrupt business tycoon by using a knife as his weapon to frame Assane’s father in the robbery of the priceless necklace that took place many years ago. Assane, the cunning hero of our series, records the confession of Pellegrini on his smartwatch and hands the proof to the police.

Part two came to an end with Hubert Pellegrini in handcuffs. The name of Babakar and Assane cleared from the murder. Pellegrini was responsible for framing Assane in the murder of his henchman Leonard. 

But the story doesn’t come to an end over here. In the series finale, Assane turns a bit emotional as he says goodbye to Claire and his son Raoul. However, his name got cleared of the murder, but he is still a wanted criminal, so the police remain around him.

What to Expect From Part 3?

Part three will again start will Assane’s life on the run, and probably he will be dealing with some new sought of problem. It will be unwise if we put Pellegrini out of the frame. He will return and will create a mess again.

The police do have the recording of his confession and also have details about Dumont. Dumont is the inside man of Pellegrini in the department. He also got exposed along with Pellegrini. Pellegrini might have connections with many more people about whom we are unaware. Those unknown people will surely try to help Pellegrini to get out of this situation and will support him to fix this. 

Lupin Season 3
Lupin Season 3

George Kay, in January, gave a hint to the audience that part 3 of Lupin will be full of conflicts and complications.

If part 3 will continue to explore the past of Assane through flashbacks, then it is sure that we will see young Assane, young Claire, young Benjamin, and young Juliette.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Lupin Season 3?

Fans are eagerly waiting for a trailer or teaser of Lupin Season 3 to come out. However, there is no update regarding the trailer. Netflix has not released any trailer yet.

We will share the trailer of Lupin Season 3 soon after its appearance.

Who Is Going To Be A Part Of The Cast Of Lupin Season 3?

The former cast of the series will return along with some additions. Returning cast includes:

  1. “Omar Sy” playing the role of Assane Diop, an extraordinary thief. 
  2. “Antoine Gouy” playing the role of Benjamin Feral. He is Assane’s friend and an art dealer.
  3. “Ludivine Sagnier” playing the role of Claire, who is the ex of Assane and the mother of Raoul.
  4. “Clotilde Hesme” playing the role of Juliette Pellegrini, who is the childhood crush of Assane.
  5. “Soufiane Guerrab” playing the role of Youssef Guedira, a policeman.
  6. “Fargas Assande” playing the role of Babakar, who is the father of Assane. He appears in flashbacks.

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Lupin will be back with its next season. However, the audience is still waiting for the next season with many questions inside them. Will Pellegrini return? Where is Assane heading now? What do you think about the probable answers to these?

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