Expanse Season 6 Expected to Arrive in December 2021?

After five brilliant Seasons, the expanse is all set to return for the final season.

Amazon renewed the series for the final season on November 24, 2020, and its filming started in late January 2021.

Since then, there is not even a single update on the release date of expanse season 6.

Based on the novel series of the same name, the 6 Seasons of science fiction series are solely based on the 6 books (Out of 9).

Even though the Expanse TV series will end with the 6th season, there is still a lot of material that can be adapted from the books.

So why the show Runners are hell-bent on ending the show?

I know many of you don’t want the show to get ended after season 6.

But I think there’s a reason that’s forcing the showrunners from making The Expanse Season 6, the final one in the series.

So, going forward in this post, I will share the estimated release date of Expanse Season 6 along with the real reason why science fiction drama will come to an end after the 6th season.

Let’s get started:

Expanse Season 6 Renewal

Even before the release of Expanse season 5, Amazon renewed the series for a sixth season and confirmed it to be the last one in the series.

So in a way, fans were ready this time.

But there is one thing that fans can’t get over their head.

Can you guess what is it?

You see, the first five seasons are clearly inspired by the five novels of the same name.

And the sixth season is expected to be inspired by the sixth novel in the series.

What would happen to the stories of the remaining three books?

When asked about the same the showrunner, Naren Shankar, the director had this to say on the question –

“That would be a more open question for our studio.”

So, with that being said, you can expect the final season to come up with a mix of all the remaining books.

I hope this doesn’t lead to a disappointing finale.

The Expanse Season 6 Release Date Prediction

Obviously, there is not a single confirmation of when the final season of the expanse will release.

So now basically, we are left with no choice but to predict its release date for the audience.

Out of the Five Seasons, the first three seasons were released on Syfy.

And the final two seasons were released on Amazon Prime Video.

And the final one, the expanse season 6 will also release on Amazon Prime Video.

Looking at the release pattern over the last two seasons, you can expect the sixth season to air sometime between the end of 2021 or early 2022. For those who were expecting the final season to air in July 2021, sadly this wouldn’t be happening.

Why the Expanse Season 6 Will be the Final Season?

The expanse season 1 was released in 2015. Then three years later, in May 2018, Syfy canceled the series.

Fans didn’t like their decision and protested against it.


They gathered together in large numbers and filed an online petition with 100K signatures.

Further, they approached Amazon Studios and Netflix to save the series from getting Canceled.

Amazon Prime video listened to the plead of fans and picked the series for its platform.

So after that, the expanse season 4 And season 5 were released on Amazon Prime in December 2019 and December 2020 respectively.

To be precise, that’s an almost 1-year difference.

If you go by the books after season 6, there is a big-time jump.

And I believe, this could be the biggest reason why Amazon decided to not go with the series past the sixth season.

Final Thoughts

I know that you are disappointed to know that the expanse Series will conclude after season 6.

But as an optimistic fan, all hopes are not lost as the series writer says otherwise.

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck have quite openly called Expanse Season 6 as a pause, then a conclusion.

And going forward in the future, you can expect every kind of possibility.

That is all for now.

What are your expectations from the expanse season 6?

Would you like to see the Amazon Prime series conclude after season 6 or want to have some more of it?

Do share your valuable thoughts with us in the comment section given below.

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  1. I am very impressed by the Expanse and would find it disappointing if they did not continue beyond season six. With that said, I am glad they are at least doing season six. I am at a loss as to the basis for decisions on cancellation. Dark Matter, Firefly and countless other excellent shows were cancelled and those decisions make no sense to me.


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