Black Bullet Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Latest Updates!!

Are you looking for the updates of Black Bullet Season 2? If yes, you just landed on the right page. Here we have compiled all the latest updates on this sci-fi for you. Before moving to the release date and more information of season 2, let’s brush up on the core of the anime.

Black Bullet is a Japanese anime series, adapted from the post-apocalyptic manga of the same name written by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai in 2011. The anime was directed by Masayuki Kojima and animated by Kinema Citrus and Orange Studio. Season 1 was released in 2014. Further, no information has been shared by the makers. Fans are constantly predicting the probabilities of the future season. Let’s check when we can expect Black Bullet season 2 to hit the box office.

Release Date – Is Black Bullet Season 2 renewed or canceled?

The series is neither renewed nor canceled; as there are no official statements reported for the sequel, we can’t say either. But if we predict by connecting dots of some relatable previous news, we get a positive hope for the sequel.

The anime was released on April 8, 2014, followed by 13 episodes, and it concluded on July 1, 2014. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season’s announcement. After almost six years, there was news that season 2 would premiere between June/ July 2020. Still, the series again faced a setback because of the pandemic situation, as almost every show got delayed that time. So we can expect that if the makers bring the sequel and want to continue the story, it will be released somewhere around 2022. Let’s check some major points for the comeback.

Black Bullet Season 2

Is the source enough for the next season?

We know that the show is an adaptation of the light novel. A total of 7 volumes have been published to date, and the anime already covered the first four volumes. The writer was not preceding with the 8th volume earlier because of health issues, but recently, he started working on the eighth volume of Black Bullet. So if the makers think of the renewal, they have to either compromise with 3 volumes and project it in the best possible way or wait for the 8th volume to be published. But we cannot deny that the source is somewhere enough to call a new season. Moreover, season 1 already recorded great business at the box office and the other media to get the next part. Still, no announcement regarding the possible dates keeps the future of the season doubtful.

Cast – Who will we meet?

The makers do not reveal the cast till now, but the characters were well projected in season 1. The serialization of roles seemed decent, so we can expect that season 2 will return with the familiar faces of season 1, but we could also meet new characters if the sequel is announced. Some protagonists from season 1 we will certainly meet are

  • Rentaro Satomi voiced by Yuki Kaji 
  • Enju Aihara voiced by Rina Hidaka
  • Kisara Tendo, voiced by Yui Horie 
  • Tina Sprout, voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa

However, the cast could be changed in English dubbed anime. We will update you when the list comes out.

Trailer of Black Bullet Season 2

Season 2 has not received any green signal from the makers till now. As the season is doubtful in itself, there is no official trailer till now. We will surely share the trailer when it is out. Until then, you can relive the moments of the monster Gastrea story on Crunchyroll or visit  Funimation to watch its English dut. 

What would be the storyline of Black Bullet Season 2?

The storyline would be based on the further volumes of manga or could be twisted for more fun. However, it is hard to predict what could be the actual story. 

In season 1, we have seen the near future probability of a monster attack named Gastrea. In the world of terror, there was a protagonist Rentaro who was detained in the false murder case, who made several efforts to come out of the wrongful plot. This high school boy is also a member of the Tendo Civil Security organization, which worked to combat Gastrea, and Rentaro was working with Enju Aihara on missions to prevent the destruction of the Tokyo Area and the world. This story is somewhat different from usual, which is appreciated by the audience as well but didn’t end concretely, leaving so many threads that might be woven into the season if it premieres.

The first season has received a good response in terms of business at the box office. This story of thrill and action is well-accepted by the audience. The soundtracks, as well as the action visuals, were also admired. However, the storyline could also be changed for more enjoyment. Hence fans are looking forward to the new season.

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