Apple Launches Less Expensive iPhone 14 Max In 2022: Latest News

Apple is planning to launch The iPhone 14 max in 2022, with easy on the pockets and heavy on the features. Do you want to know what the brand new iPhone 14 holds for you? If you’re an apple freak, you would be looking to buy the next iPhone. It will be beneficial for you to wait for a year, so that you can ultimately own a brand new iPhone 14! 

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Apple announces iPhone 14 Max

According to a report from prominent Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is considering developing a cheaper giant iPhone for consumers who can’t pay for the iPhone Pro Max series. Apple’s 2022 iPhone range would include the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 14 Max.

 iPhone 14, a device that looks like a smaller version of the current iPhone X, but has the same Face ID, bezel-less design and more. This isn’t the only change, though. The new phone will cost about $200 to $300 less than previous iPhones. 

Reason for a cheaper phone

The decision to release a cheaper 6.7-inch iPhone could be linked to the small iPhone’s demise. The fresh projections come from Ming-Chi Kuo. However, this is not the first time Apple has released a low priced phone. We all know about iPhone SE which was released in 2020. Maybe the reason to launch one more big-screen low money phone could be about building more reputation. Or more technically speaking, to grab the maximum of the market share. 

What are the features?

This iPhone 14 Max would most likely contain the same characteristics as the regular iPhone but in a larger 6.7-inch form factor. A better camera with an autofocus enabled ultra-wide lens is also promised. It’s also possible that it’ll have the same upgraded 120Hz display as the iPhone 13 Pro line. We believe this is a more advanced version of the Touch ID feature found on older iPhone models. According to Kuo, Apple will minimize cost by removing a few functions, but the upgrade from Mini to Max is expected to be well-received by iPhone customers.

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What are the pricing and availability?

The phone will cost upwards of USD 1,000 which is half the price of the iPhone XS. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the 6.7-inch iPhone will be priced at less than Rs 70,000.

The official date is not known as of now, however, it is certain 

You would be phone could release next year. 

Apple Launches Less
Apple Launches Less

What’s the catch?

The new iPhone 14 max will come equipped with better battery life, bigger storage, and, of course, longer battery life. It will also be loaded with gesture controls, iris scanning, and facial recognition. With such features, you will never have to unlock your phone in hard ways. And if there is one thing you should remember, never give your fingerprints or iris scans out for anyone. Will it come with a 3D Touch display? The more we know about this new device, the less we think it would be an iPhone. So we advise you to take this with a pinch of salt.


There are many elements that come together to build a great smartphone. The specifications and pricing are the most important elements that drive sales, but marketing and advertising are equally crucial in building the brand and transforming the brand for new generations. Brands such as Apple know the importance of each of these key components, and with their dedication and expertise, they can build a powerful brand and establish themselves as the leader of their space.

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