Heist season 2: Plot, Cast, Trailer and Everything you Expect to know 

‘Heist has just been released on Netflix, and people like you are already looking to know about heist season 2. On July 14, 2021, the streaming service published Heist. Netflix will most likely wait until the summer to see if the series develops enough traction to warrant a renewal. So, if you want another season of the show, tell all your friends to watch it as well. They’ll be captivated as soon as they hear the words “sex magic.” 

Netflix’s new documentary series Heist follows three distinct thefts by average people who manage to steal astonishing amounts of money in under six episodes. The heists will keep you on the edge of your seat, with everything from sex magic to costly bourbon. You’re probably wondering how many more cases like these exist as you read through the three daring stories. Every day, ordinary people do not steal millions of dollars.

The production firm behind Heist is Dirty Robber. They’ve previously worked for Netflix on both scripted and unscripted projects, including the Oscar-winning Two Distant Strangers and the Emmy-nominated We Are the Champions, a show about six different championships from around the world. They have produced several sports documentaries, including Why We Fight on ESPN+ and Breaking2 on National Geographic.

Dirty Robber might have another winner on their hands with Heist if they’re lucky. It’s now up to Netflix to give the corporation another chance. Let’s see what they have in store for us. 

Is heist season 2 happening?

Season 1 of ‘Heist’ aired on Netflix on July 14, 2021. The first season consists of six episodes, each lasting 41-48 minutes.  Netflix has yet to make any official pronouncements about the show’s renewal or termination. However, we have reason to assume that the docuseries will be renewed. For starters, true crime has piqued people’s fame, as evidenced by episodes like “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness,” “Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story,” and “Making a Murderer.”

Second, Dirty Robber, the same production firm behind the Oscar-winning short film “Two Distant Strangers,” is behind the series. In addition, two episodes of this six-part series were directed by Derek Doneen, an Emmy-nominated director.

Netflix often waits a few months before commissioning a new season, so we may not hear from the streaming service until Fall 2021. Season 2 of ‘Heist’ will be released somewhere in Summer 2022 if the series fulfils the streaming giant’s renewal standards and is greenlit soon.

Heist season 2- What will this be about

The purpose of the series is to look at the human side of the criminals. It examines domestic violence, addiction, and family tragedies to help us understand why they did what they did. These factors, however, do not excuse the directors’ behaviour, according to them. Three real-life occurrences are explored throughout six episodes in the inaugural season of this documentary series in part 1. We see all of the crimes’ behind-the-scenes activities, including planning and preparation. But no crime is faultless, and the sense of accomplishment is fleeting at best. The show also chronicles the investigations that lead to these people being brought to justice. Heather Tallchief, who was dragged into the life of a career criminal, is the subject of one of the stories. The rest of the story is about  Karls Monzon, who was inspired by television shows and pulled off a theft at Miami International Airport.

We are also told about Toby Curtsinger, who built an empire by looting high-end bourbon- and here starts the third thrill.


 If the second round is approved, it will likely focus on the characters of a new group of people and how they came to do some of the most bizarre acts.

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The official episode count for Heist season 2 has yet to be published, although it will most likely be revealed after it is revealed that there will be more episodes in the future. The first run had six iterations, and it’s probably safe to assume that the hypothetical follow-up will have the same number. 

Star lineup of the series

Since the stories are more realistic, we can’t say that the makers will bring the same cast as in season 1. If heist season 2 ever really happens, presumably it will have some other cast starring in possibly with varied stories.

That’s all folks for today! As soon as we find more information, we will attach it to this article. Till then, party with heist season 1. 

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