Twitter suspends N.J. Lawmaker for Questioning Vaccine Mandates: Activates later  

Messages for the breakup of multinational corporations following heightened censorship allegations may become noisier in the 13th Congressional District, as New Jersey Senator Declan O’Scanlon’s voice has been imprisoned. Twitter, in particular, did not like one of his tweets about vaccine mandates. As a result, he has slashed apart. 

What’s up with Twitter and the State’s lawmaker

Twitter had quite a trouble with O’Scanlon’s mentioned tweet: Given that we have crushed Covid with a combination of natural immunity and voluntary uptake, there is no reason anyone should be compelled to take the vaccine, and Twitter’s rebuttal to O’Scanlon’s Twitter post was to effectively suspend him from tweeting on the forum for an indefinite amount of time – or timeout, as it showed up. O’Scanlon’s tweet expresses his belief that mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports are unnecessary, and this belief has resulted in the silence of a New Jersey State Senator.

Republicans slammed the senator’s suspension on Twitter. The move was described as an “ongoing and escalating restriction of free expression” by the state GOP.

Others in New Jersey, like 101.5 radio personality Bill Spadea, who have more directly attacked vaccines, which experts say are safe and effective, appear to have escaped Twitter’s notice.

The firm did not immediately return to a message left on Sunday questioning why the senator was convicted but not a subsequent Tweet from Spadea, which stated, “The vaccine does not stop covid.”

The tweet is temporarily halted on O’Scanlon’s timeline, with a notice that reads, “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.” Threats to “safety,” “privacy,” and “authenticity,” among other classifications, are prohibited by the business, but it was unclear how the senator’s Tweet breached those criteria.

According to O’Scanlon, Twitter and other sites are essentially town squares. “The fact that they may choose to restrict pretty innocuous information at random is terrifying.”


O’Scanlon wants Twitter to reinstall his posts, but he’s unsure how to challenge them online without more repercussions.

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He claimed he had never been detained previously.

Around 10 a.m. Saturday, the senator was informed of the suspension. His account was pulled offline for 12 hours after he agreed to delete the message. He stated he passed up an opportunity to appeal the decision because he didn’t want the procedure to prolong his ban.

Chairman Hugin Screams at Twitter For Senator O’Scanlon’s Indefinite Ban

Today, New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Bob Hugin put out a statement in response to Twitter suspending Senator Declan O’Scanlon’s Twitter account after he posted a tweet opposing mandatory vaccine passports.

He thinks that This is a heinous suppression of free speech is an abuse of democracy, and it is as un-American as it is intolerable. He further urges Twitter to reinstate Senator Declan O’Scanlon’s account immediately.

“In opposing mandatory vaccination passenger passports, Senator O’Scanlon has expressed legitimate private and civil liberty concerns to the many New Jerseyans asking for evidence of the vaccination to take part in day-to-day operations.” 

Updated news: Declan’s account is now activated

State Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13th District) has reactivated his Twitter account after the social networking site disqualified it on Saturday. Declan O’Scanlon (R-13), suspended from Twitter for 12 hours over the weekend, demands answers. He’s also beginning to turn watermelons into sparkling water by giving away “Free Declan” t-shirts to anybody who wants to donate at least $150 to his reelection campaign in the fall.

“Hi @Twitter I’m so back!… “Please tell me which of your rules I violated…

 We’re improbable to have an explanation from the legendarily evasive tech behemoth.

O’Scanlon’s tweet conflicting vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations appear to be under no established formal Twitter rule or policy.

It came after a Twitter post from the state senator, who stated that there had been “no reason anyone should feel compelled to take the [COVID-19] vaccine.”

He also deemed constraints, directives, and vaccine passports to be “unnecessary.” The New Jersey Republican Party defended O’Scanlon, calling it an “appalling suppression of free speech.”

“That that tweet somehow provoked an algorithm, or worse, some hyper-sensitive Twitter employee with an agenda…is outrageous,” O’Scanlon said.


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