Lucifer Season 7: Here’s what you need to know 

He’s a vengeful god, King of Satan, and the true Prince of Dark, but we still adore him. Lucifer is a supernatural thriller that is also a buddy cop sitcom and one of the best comic book adaptations now on television. A sixth and final season of Netflix’s Lucifer has been revealed And show freaks are already wanting a Lucifer season 7. 

The show’s debacle is almost as spectacular as the Scriptural tales that inspired it. Following the demise of Lucifer at Fox, Netflix bought up the series in 2018. The season 3 ending leaves several questions unanswered, and the producers of the show and actors alike wanted to present fans who had been following the tale for years a satisfying conclusion.

The Netflix contract was only supposed to be for one season, giving the show a fourth and final season, however, the show’s performance on the streaming service has given it fresh life.

Netflix is silent regarding Lucifer season 7 maybe because the entire focus is on season 6 presently which is due in September this year. But you don’t need to turn off your mood as the streaming giant is known for giving surprises in reviving even those shows which have been completely dead. Here’s what we know about Lucifer season 7. 

Release Date

We’re moving closer to what you can anticipate from Lucifer season six, which is nearer than you would expect (release date was recently confirmed). But to say about Lucifer season 7, our hopes are still in fizz. We will have to wait for an official announcement from the makers to hear about Lucifer Season 7, although there is a possibility of having it at the end of 2022 as told by some of the producers of the show. This still is good news, right? 


Since Lucifer is a continuing show, in Lucifer season 7 we will enjoy watching the entire existing fabulous cast, once again. freshen up your mind and recall the characters:

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, and D.B. Woodside, as Amenadiel, is expected to return. Also, In season 6 new cast members are being joined so undoubtedly Lucifer season 7 happens, we will see more of Scott Porter, Chris Coy and Rob Zabrecky although information regarding their roles has been kept under the wraps. 

Lucifer Season 7
Lucifer Season 7


Part b of Season 5 has a Big drop, so you might need a reminder on what happened, as well as how it opens up Season 6. Fortunately, we’ve got all of it covered right here, so buckle up.

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Fans quickly speculated on a possible major plot surprise for everyone’s favourite demonic duo, Deckerstar. Extra episodes allowed them to immerse themselves more than ever before into the show’s background and “truly investigate how our protagonists wind up where they ended up,” as they put it. Henderson and Modrovich revealed why season six is their “final tale” when asked if a seventh season is possible. Linda’s daughter Adriana (Alexandra Grossi), which she had neglected at infancy, was reconnected with her in Season 5. She met Carol Corbett (Scott Porter), a coworker of Dan’s, at Dan’s burial in Lucifer Season 5.

Given that the father of Linda’s kid, and presumably her sibling, is an imposter, Alexandra might be exposed to the magical realm. Ella’s romantic life has been unlucky for the past five seasons of Lucifer, but things are looking up for her now. Pete Daily, her previous lover, was a serial killer (Alex Koch). Ella is the only one who is unaware of Lucifer’s authentic self, and Season 6 may be the time when she learns the truth.

To unfold what a probable Lucifer season 7 holds for us, it is too early to hop on that topic as season 6 itself is still not 100 percent known to us at the moment. Maybe after September ‘ 21, we will get to know how Lucifer season 7 has to show us. 



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