Kissing Booth Season 3: Release date, Cast, Trailer & Plot

The eagerly awaited Kissing booth is set to reopen for the third time. Are you ready to get in? Let’s hear what kissing booth season 3 has in store for us. 

Kissing Booth Season 3 Release date

By the time you could be reading this article, kissing booth season 3 would have already smashed the box office. The Kissing Booth: The Final Chapter has already been released on Netflix today, August 11th, at 8:01 a.m. BST. And all the true die-hard fans are going gaga (not really) over it. If you haven’t watched it yet, do it right away. There’s no excuse on the face of the earth right now that can stop you from doing so. 

Kissing Booth Season 3 Cast

Kissing booth ain’t kissing booth without the three prominent characters – Elle, Noah and And the best friend, Lee. So, Joey King and Jacob Elordi will reprise their roles as Elle and Noah, respectively, in the upcoming film, along with Joel Courtney as Lee and Meganne Young as Rachel, as shown in the first trailer. Taylor Zakhar Perez (Marco), Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Chloe), Meganne Young (Rachel), and Molly Ringwald (Mrs Flynn) will also make cameo appearances.

Kissing Booth Season 3 Trailer

Elle and Lee appear to have always had a “Beach Bucket List ” of stuff they hoped to do around each other while leaving for university, and now that they’re spending their final summer at the beach house, this is their last opportunity to sort it off. Nevertheless, it appears that the time they devote to focusing on it is affecting Elle’s engagement with Noah, perhaps allowing Marco to jump in once he runs into her again while she’s working her summer job. 

Kissing Booth Season 3 Plot

In the third film, Elle (Joey King) must choose between going to Berkeley with Lee (Joel Courtney) and risking crushing her best friend’s core by heading to Harvard with her boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi). It’s the summer before Elle starts college, but she can’t sleep at night because of the commitment she has to make. So, where will she go, and will her relationship with Noah be able to withstand whatever decision she makes?

Elle still seems to be undecided about whether she wants to attend Berkeley or Harvard after taking a road trip after graduation, despite Noah’s plans to find the two of them an off-campus apartment. Elle intends to attend Harvard with Noah, which irritates Lee, but she pledges to make amends by devoting the summer to accomplishing everything on their beach bucket list. Elle’s bucket list becomes more challenging as she juggles a summer job, caring for her brother, and meeting with Noah. When Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez), who Elle kissed in the second film, returns to the scene with a job at the water park, it doesn’t exactly help.

Noah and Marco fight, with Noah accusing Elle of being “embarrassing” for not understanding. Marco is still interested in her. Noah swiftly makes up with Elle after Chloe encourages him to chat with her, and the couple vows to “tussle” for each other. Marco, on the other hand, isn’t quitting and attends the Fourth of July party, where he argues with Noah and hits him again, but Noah declines to react. Marco confesses to Elle that he still cares about her, but she isn’t convinced. Instead, she walks out to seek Noah, but Elle has no idea Noah has seen her Berkeley acceptance letter.

Kissing Booth Season 3
Kissing Booth Season 3

Elle, you and I have been putting in so much effort… Maybe loving each other isn’t always enough. Noah breaks up with Elle and urges her to make her own college to choose.

Elle skips a beach bucket list item with Lee to play Dance Dance Revolution while struggling with her heartache, hurting her best friend. I’m going to have to figure out who I am on my own “Elle considers it and enrols in a video game design course at a university in southern California.

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The movie concludes with a six-year flashback. Lee is engaged to Rachel, and Elle and Lee are still best friends. Elle then crosses paths with Noah for the first time since they split tracks outside the old school kissing booth, where they first kissed. Although it is left vague, they seem to revive their relationship and meet up when Noah returns to town. Elle and Noah can be seen riding motorcycles together again in the closing scene, although they each have their own motorcycle.

I don’t know how to take this ending, should we cry or cry with a scream. I mean, Lee and Rachel were never a thing, and still, they managed to reunite, but what about our love Elle and Noah? C’mon, they had it coming better, let alone a happy ending.  


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