Instagram Rolls Out ‘limits’ A New Feature To Safeguard Users From Abusive Remarks

Instagram is great for keeping in touch with buddies and exploring prospective matches, but often we get a dm or a comment we do not desire to have. Instagram users receive an avalanche of unwelcome comments and DM requests from users they don’t recognize throughout these brief bursts of engagement. Users may select who can contact you through these busy moments using the Limits function. Instagram is also looking into techniques to detect when users are experiencing increases in comments or DMs so it can prompt them to turn the feature on.

Now, the social media platform has released an upgrade targeted at reducing abusive message surges, allowing you to resume sharing greed baits in harmony; here is a breakdown regarding all of it. 

Instagram announces new feature ‘Limits’

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri mentioned Limits in a video update to the Instagram community last month, and the business just acknowledged it was testing the new anti-harassment feature. When users are subjected to a barrage of harassment, the tool intends to give them an easy method to shut down their accounts temporarily. Limits, a new Instagram feature, lets users conceal DMs and comments from persons who don’t follow them – or who have only recently started following them. This implies users can maintain communication channels open with their regular audience while also protecting themselves from unforeseen inundation of hackers. 

Our research shows that most of the negativity towards social figures comes from users who don’t actually follow them, and who have only just followed these people, and who simply pile on that moment, Instagram wrote as a statement, citing the increase in racist abuse directed at English footballers online following the Euro 2020 final in July. “Limits allow you to hear from your long-time fans while preventing contact from persons who are solely interested in contacting you.” Since the Euro 2020 final, which witnessed numerous England footballers brutally assaulted by irate supporters after the team’s defeat, such an upgrade could have effectively combated recent racist attacks on Instagram. The episodes, which included racist comments and symbols, highlighted how little Instagram users could protect themselves when their posts become viral for the wrong reasons. 

How will Limits work?

You can put limits on pages that aren’t following you and accounts corresponding to recent followers in Instagram’s privacy settings. When you set limits on these accounts, they won’t be able to make comments or send DM requests for a set amount of time, such as a few days or even weeks. Limits come after Instagram’s April debut of Hidden Phrases, which allows users to filter nasty DMs and comments utilizing specific words or symbols. The company has included the ability to block someone’s account and any new ones they might create. You can ban non-followers and new followers selectively, so you can block conversations from one group while allowing communications from the other. 

Instagram rolls out 'limits'
Instagram rolls out limits

Limits will remain in place until you choose to remove them, with Instagram reminding you to do so. Well, you may limit comments and messages from followers under Instagram’s settings, and you can also utilize the “Restrict” option to screen individual accounts without their awareness. Limits, on the other hand, allow you a little more control over who can follow you and makes it a couple of fast toggles rather than a long list of options. 

‘Next step to combat racism and harassment’

In a statement, Mia Garlick, Facebook Australia’s head of policy, stated, “The new tools we’re announcing today are the next step in our ongoing work to tackle racism and hate speech throughout our platform.” “We’re dedicated to continuing our work with experts, sports leagues, governments, and safety partners to combat hatred online and offline, but we’re hoping that these new features will better safeguard everyone in our community from encountering abusive content in the first place.”

Who’s going to get Instagram’s new feature ‘Limits’?

 Limits will be accessible globally starting Wednesday (Aug. 11). Limits feature will be given to all Instagram users worldwide, so if you are not a celebrity, you will have it too.

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pop up an alert to those who are about to make an abusive comment

Instagram already informs users who are about to submit potentially harmful comments, and it is now adding a stronger warning for users who try to post those types of comments many times. Instead of waiting for repeated occurrences, these users will see the new alert the first time they attempt to publish potentially objectionable remarks.

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