Winona Ryder Gets Banned From Drew Barrymore’s Talk Show: Recent Reports Claim 

Star clashes are widespread in Hollywood, especially when the audience pushes two actors or actresses up against each other. Recent reports say that Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder are involved in a personal fight. Are Winona Ryder‘s appearances on Drew Barrymore’s talk show expressly forbidden by Drew Barrymore? In a tabloid, Barrymore is accused of harboring animosity toward Ryder. Working on the case rumor mill is our job as a showbiz cop.

Does Drew Barrymore Hate Winona Ryder for Romance With Tom Green in the 90s?

Barrymore hasn’t pardoned Winona Ryder for expressing love on her ex-husband Tom Green, according to the National Enquirer’s September 6 issue. Because of this, Ryder was barred from appearing on her talk show. In the beginning, they were scared of each other, but they went on to become idols of Generation X and are still revered today. The source said that they never became close allies because of this.

Insiders say Barrymore was furious when she learned that Winona Ryder and Green were having an affair in 2008 even though she and Ryder divorced in 2002. Sources say Green and Ryder never confirmed their relationship, but it was a well-kept wonder among celebrities. Barrymore is said to have become more clingy of her ex after discovering Green and Ryder’s PDA in the wake of the revelation. According to the report, the two have been at odds since the 1990s, when they were vying for the same roles in films. They “never really became friends,” according to a source. So, after all these years, Barrymore has no plans to invite Ryder to her talk show.

Everyone knows not to mention Winona’s name when it comes to the possibility of a guest. Drew would never be able to pretend he liked her. According to the magazine, “this incident added to the disagreement between Drew and Winona, which has subsisted for the majority of their lives. Finally, the tabloid claims that Barrymore is unlikely ever to change her opinion of Ryder.

In this case, it’s hardly surprising that the National Enquirer got Drew Barrymore’s story completely wrong. In the same issue, it was reported that Barrymore and Live host Kelly Ripa were feuding. Drew Barrymore’s talk show will replace The Talk if Sharon Osbourne leaves the show, one of the issues of the same magazine tells. Niecy Nash, according to the magazine, is replacing Barrymore on her own show-which never happened. As far as we can tell, the Enquirer does not know Drew Barrymore’s talk show or the actress herself. 

Why did this story even exist in the first place?

It’s exciting to imagine the turmoil amongst ’90s icons, but it’s not true. No evidence exists that Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder have any sort of hatred, to begin with. One date with Tom Green in 2008, six years after Ryder’s divorce from Barrymore, is all that’s known about their supposed “fling.” The only connection between Ryder and Barrymore is that they’re both friends with Keanu Reeves. Ryder may have had a relationship with Green, but Barrymore is unlikely to be upset about it. It was a mutually agreeable split for both Green and Barrymore, and Barrymore went on to marry and have two children with another man.

Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder

Even though she and Green appear to be amicable, we doubt she has a love crush on him. At this point, Ryder doesn’t even have any projects to promote. Clearly, this was a stupid effort to gin up melodrama among highly leading actresses, and we are not getting that.

Barrymore and green’s relationship was cute but short-lived

When Drew Barrymore and Tom Green started dating, it lasted only a few months. However, their marriage lasted only five months, albeit one of the best-looking Hollywood marriages of the early 2000s.

In 1999, they met while working on the set of “Charlie’s Angels”; they began dating and were planning the following year. “Irreconcilable differences” was apparently the reason Green filed the divorce form. 

“A lovely woman, Drew. I adore her. Wish our relationship had worked out. I wish her the best of luck in life.” At the time, the comedian made a statement. A surprise appearance by Green on Barrymore’s hit show suggests that the former couple has maintained their friendship despite their long-term separation.

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