Gilmore Girls Worst And Great Characters That Would Make Roommates.

All the characters on Gilmore Girls are all very fascinating and interesting, from the entire group some would make really cool roommates, while the others would not be that easy to deal with.

As many important characters on Gilmore Girls are of different characteristics and most of them don’t seem to need any roommates, viewers have watched Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller live together over various seasons. Fans also love that Rory and Lorelai staying together in their Stars Hollow home, and it’s very funny ro see  Luke Danes when his equally surly nephew Jess Mariano moves in with him.

List of the characters who would be the best roommates

  • Rory Gilmore- Rory’s scenes in the show shows that she’d be a very lovely roommate and she’s a good, loyal friend to have around. No matter with whom she stays whether it’s Lorelai or Paris, Rory is always ready for a movie night with take-out and junk food or ready to gossip or be a shoulder to cry on. The way she behaves with Paris is the best example of why she’d be a peaceful, calm, and happy roommate.
  • Lane Kim- Lane is Rory’s best friend is another fun-loving character. She will be a wonderful roommate who would fill a house with music, fun, and laughter. Lane always introduces her roommate to her musical expertise, she always invites her band over to play some tunes or share her favorite album or song, and she would really enjoy living with her. Lane is also a very loyal friend, as she’s there to listen to Rory when she needs her, and that would make her a good roommate.

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  • Lorelai Gilmore- As the most fun-loving character on the show, anyone would love to stay with Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai has created a very warm home for her and Rory, and we are already in love with their movie nights and going through life together. Lorelai might not know how to cook, but she is very much aware of all the best take-out in town, and she’s so funny and chatty and would be a lovely roommate.
  • Sookie St. James- Sookie St. James is loved for her sense of humor and she has a very warm heart. She will be an amazing roommate who cooks breakfasts, makes sure that the kitchen is filled with homemade snacks, and invites people over for fun dinner parties. Just the way Sookie gives coffee to Lorelai at the Independence and Dragonfly Inns and makes sure that she has enough to eat throughout the day.
  • Dean Forester- Dean Forester is one of the best characters in the show this character cares deeply about showing friends, family, and strangers a lot of kindness. Dean loves his job at Doose’s Market and also likes a homely environment in his home, this suggests that he would be a good roommate to have. Dean would also be a nice friend to chat with after a long day at work or school.
Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls

List of the characters who would be the worst  roommates

  • Paris Geller- Paris would be a difficult and harsh roommate, as proven by her living with Rory at Yale and then in their own apartment. Paris is mostly harsh and says whatever comes into her mind, also nosy, always wanting to know where someone is going and what they’re up to.
  • Emily Gilmore-  Emily ignores boundaries on the show which is one main reason why she would be a tough roommate. Whether ignoring Rory and Lorelai’s desire for privacy or interrupting the lives of strangers, Emily can be charming and funny,  it might be tough to live with her. If Emily’s roommate came home late, she would have a lot of questions, and she might not like the way that someone organizes the place. 
  • Luke Danes- Luke always had a grumpy attitude in many episodes, yet with a sweet nature that strangers don’t often see, Luke Danes keeps a very specific routine and seems made for staying alone. Luke loves early mornings and works accordingly and keeps a very clean home, it seems like he likes things a certain way.

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  • Jess Mariano- When Jess Mariano moves to Stars Hollow and starts living with Luke, the two proved that they can barely be a roommate. And since they’re family and have so many complications getting along, it’s hard to believe Jess living with a friend or any other person. 
  • Taylor Doose- Based on his attitude at town hall meetings and how he treats the Stars, Hollow residents, Taylor definitely seems like the worst roommate. Taylor would complain about anything his roommate did, from not keeping the kitchen clean enough to anything slightest that doesn’t feel like a big deal, and he would seem very harsh. 


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