Biden’s Refusal of Executive Privilege Claim Ignites New Firestorm With Trump

Following the deadly riots on January 6 -filled with deluded protestors who were under the impression that they are fighting for a better America where they demanded the return of former president Donald Trump as the rightfully elected candidate – the tensions have been fueling once again.

Tensions rise as Biden refuses Executive privilege

Biden has taken the clash to another level by giving his refusal to exert executive privilege over documents that Trump is holding back from the House Select Committee which will be investigating the January 6 uprising. The panel has already held Steve Bannon, who is a former Trump associate accountable for defying the court’s subpoena orders and is still considering subpoenaing the president to probe the matter further.

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As reported by Dana Remus, Biden will be staying consistent with the public statements that he has made this month and has no intention to exert executive privilege over trump’s documents that the committee is looking for to inspect the January 6 insurrection.

Biden deems the assertion not in “America’s” best interests

Biden finds that the assertion of executive privilege will not be in America’s best interests and can not be justified. Trump’s lawsuit to challenge Biden’s and the US National Archives’ decision to turn in the documents has already been filed on the accounts of the information sought to be limitless and holding no relevant or valid connection to the rebellion. Biden however has refused the claim and denied the executive privilege in support of the investigation.

Biden's Refusal of Executive Privilege
Biden’s Refusal of Executive Privilege

Executive Privilege is controversially used by Presidents to hide their happenings in the White House from the general public but this time Trump might not succeed in his attempts to shield his connections with the insurrection on January 6. 

Trump’s worst legacy with undemocratic behavior on the rise

There have been instances in American History where predecessors have left no stone unturned to torture and undermine the Next President but every rivalry seems trivial in comparison to the one between Biden and Trump. We would hold Trump’s inciteful nature responsible for the ever-growing conflicts that will have a dire effect on America’s next Presidential Elections and foreseeable future.

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Trump’s propaganda against Biden’s election seems to know no bounds as he manages to convince millions of people to come out to erroneously claim Biden’s election as fraud and unjust, agreeing to declare Trump the most deserving and rightfully elected candidate to become the 46th president.

His efforts in vain seem to continue as he carries on the sly ploy to keep away the documents sought by the committee and disturb the investigation’s decorum until Republicans take house next year and the matter gets hushed altogether.

Trump tries to sabotage the investigation

The feud will add to Trump working towards strengthening his platform and following to make a comeback in the 2024 presidential elections. As they have branded Biden’s uncooperating move to fit their vendetta of proving that the elections were rigged.

Biden is looking to avoid any confrontation with Ex-President Trump and since winning elections last year has been working on America’s fractured policies. As Trump’s devotees chant “Make America Great Again” inflaming the uprising with misconstrued beliefs and false news of election fraud, this resentment seems to just be seeing the beginning of what all is yet to come.

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The dispute over Biden’s refusal to assert executive privilege seems to be one of many more escalated divides as Trump’s poisonous legacy lingers in the United States.

The House Committee will be receiving all information by November 12, unless Trump’s lawsuit is accepted to halt the investigation. Since the privilege rests with the current president, the matter is in Biden’s hand unless he extends any courtesy to Trump which is unlikely owing to their unwavering resentment. The truth about one of the worst incited disputes will come to light shortly.

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