4 Striking Benefits of Getting Good Sleep

While many people know they should get a good night’s sleep every night, most people don’t.

Most adults report less than seven hours of sleep most nights, with some reporting that they get even less. It can seem like going throughout your day without sleep is seen as a badge of honor in our society. However, the importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. Getting a good night’s sleep affects everything, from one’s ability to fight off illness to improving brain function and even decreasing chronic pain.

Here are four striking reasons why a good night’s sleep is imperative to one’s overall physical and cognitive health.

Improve Immunity

There are many factors to consider regarding one’s ability to fight off illness. Proper nutrition, appropriate medications, and hydration are important components of recovering from illness. However, there is another important factor that you don’t want to skimp out on.

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense when one gets sick. When a person is chronically sleep deprived, their immune system suffers. Because much of the body’s ability to repair itself occurs throughout the night, it makes sense that those who can’t sleep well tend to become sick more often, whereas those who get a good night’s sleep most of the time tend to have a more robust immune system.

Fewer Back Aches and Pains

People who suffer from insomnia and chronic sleepless nights know how it affects their physical well-being. They often experience aches and pains associated with tossing and turning all night.

Inadequate sleep patterns can exacerbate back pain. Chiropractors have noted that their patients who focus on improving their sleep habits often have a significant decrease in back pain. For those looking to improve their sleep habits for their spinal health, it is a good idea to consult a chiropractor. A chiropractor can point an individual in the right direction towards achieving a good night’s sleep and decreasing their back pain.

Improve Overall Cognitive Health

Those who cannot get a good night’s sleep are quite familiar with that foggy-headed feeling the next morning. Nothing worse for one’s cognitive health than waking up exhausted before the day begins.

Studies have shown that those who prioritize sleep and get at least eight hours a night are more productive at work, have better memory recall, and are more focused and energized. A good night’s sleep also drastically improves a person’s reactionary time, which is important for those who spend much time on the road.

Enhanced Feelings of Joy

There’s no doubt that sleep can affect your emotional well-being. Have you ever encountered someone irritated or angry because they didn’t get great sleep the prior night?

Giving your body the proper time to rest and recover will make you less irritable throughout your day. You will have more energy to carry you throughout your day. After a good night’s sleep, people don’t need to rely on multiple cups of coffee to survive. All of this has a compounding effect.

For example, if you feel better internally throughout your day, all your interactions that day are naturally better. The energy that you output into the world is enjoyable to be around and contagious. Others will feed off of this energy and reciprocate the same vibrations back to you. High-quality sleep not only helps you, but it helps others that you interact with during your day.


Sleep is a universally necessary biological function. However, the science behind the relationship between a good night’s sleep and its impact on the body is still being studied. Most people need at least seven to eight hours of sleep to function optimally.

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a person’s overall health and can significantly improve one’s quality of life. Don’t sleep on sleep! It is a huge part of maintaining your well-being. Good sleeping habits compound over time to help enhance your life in many ways.

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