Supreme Court Declines to Block Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers in Maine:

Today mankind is faced with increased problems as human exploitation continues, however, all this seems trivial as the World combats against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. What makes the pandemic even more dangerous?

People are still ignorant of the harsh aftermath and fail to properly take precautions. Even though there are a lot of restrictions and awareness campaigns that are being administered just to avoid casualties.

The pandemic will only see its end when people collectively understand the severity of what lies ahead and work towards fighting it together.

The big news has been reported in Washington that the Supreme Court has declined to block the mandate for health workers to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Supreme courts have denied blocking the mandate for health workers of receiving coronavirus vaccine even though there are no religious exemptions involved.

After so many appeals from the health workers, this Friday supreme court still rejected the demand from health workers regarding the vaccine mandate.

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What Happened in the Supreme Court Regarding the Vaccine Mandate

The state has decided not to offer any religious exemption to any of the health workers or staff working at health care centers who are at risk of losing their jobs if they are not vaccinated.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Earlier this year appeals were made in Newyork city. People were having a lot of issues regarding the coronavirus vaccine. Many of them were declining to get vaccinated. At Indiana University, many students and faculty were turned away by the High Court as they were not vaccinated. Both, the city people and students were allowed to seek religious exemption.

On 13 October, the federal judge declined the Maine people’s appeal to block the vaccine mandate. It was firstly presented by the governor.

The federal judge was flooded with appeals but he denied the second time too. According to data received there are about 2000 people who are not in favor of getting vaccines. They simply demand not to be forced on getting vaccinated.

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What Did the Prominent Personalities of the Court Have to Say in the Vaccine Mandate Regard?

 While the Supreme court was getting a lot of appeals to block the Vaccine mandate. They were also receiving a lot of criticism that they were not clear regarding their statement for denying the vaccine mandate. One of the justices named Neil Gorsuch said that he would have agreed with the health care worker’s request up to some extent.

He was of the view that they were innocent people who were just defending themselves while fulfilling the obligations of their religion. According to him, firing such people was not the right thing to do. In his own words that

healthcare workers who have served on the front line of a pandemic for the last 18 months were now being fired and their practices shuttered. All this because they adhered to their constitutionally protected religious beliefs. Their plight is worthy of our attention.”

Opposing this statement another justice named, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, came forward and agreed with the decision of the Supreme court and criticized Neil Gorsuch’s statement by saying that the Justices were asking for extraordinary relief.

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What Is the Result of Denying the Blocking of the Vaccine Mandate?

Well, every health care center should be occupied with all of the necessities. This includes doctors, nurses, and proper medications. If anything is lacking a health care center cannot work properly. Due to the recent decline in the vaccine mandate by the supreme government, many of the nurses left the job.

Dozens of health workers refused to come to the health care center and there has been a supposed shortage of nurses in the concerned region. 

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