Biden’s Social Spending Bill: a Drama in 4 Acts

Biden’s Build Back Better campaign for 2020 Presidential Elections focused on social issues such as care for children, the elderly, and the disabled. Key features in the manifesto pledged for a major infrastructure upgrade along with vows to combat climate change.

His mandate materialized in 2020 mainly due to such huge promises- and for him to act as a lookout against Trump.

After months of negotiations, the Biden administration was able to pass the $1.75 trillion ‘Build Back Better’ bill on Friday, Nov 19th. Resources were allocated for each specific spending area; like $555B to combat climate change, $400B for free preschool, $200B child tax credits, $200B for a 4-week paid leave, $165B reserved for healthcare, and $150B for affordable housing.

These socialist measures, according to the conservative Republicans, would be enough to put an enormous burden of debt on America.

Minority Leader in the House, Mitch McCarthy delivered a lecture on the demerits of this social spending bill for a whopping record 8 hours and 42 minutes. In his own words, he said, “I’ve got all night” when the Democrats started booing on his remarks.

How Was the $1.75 Trillion Bill Passed?

Despite all the opposition by the Republican representatives, the Biden administration managed to get the social spending bill approved on the floor. It has been a treat to watch the entire spectacle unfold in front of our own eyes. Let’s dive into the specifics of how it happened.

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It is uncanny to note the similarity between Biden’s social spending bill and George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Man Superman’. Likewise, a comparison can also be drawn with Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ or Anthony Checkhov’s ‘The Seagull’. For they have in common, a distinct trait- All are four-act dramas.

Yes, even Biden’s social spending bill has been promising enough to run on Broadway.

A drama complete with its set of heroes and villains. Take, for example, the villains from the perspective of many Americans: Rep. Joe Manchin and Rep. Kristen Sinema who managed to bring some crucial changes to the ‘Build a Back Better plan.

They diluted the bill, saying that the bill would negatively impact the energy sector within the US. Lately, they had voiced their opposition towards paid leave.

Biden’s Social Spending Bill

Let’s begin from the beginning.

 Act I

The first act began way back in September when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had claimed that the Bill would be passed before the month ended. Weeks were spent negotiating parts of the spending bill until the voting was conducted. The bill was passed with only Rep. Jared Golden, D-Maine casting the opposing vote.

“The biggest hurdle was to get there,” said Pelosi to the media afterward. “The biggest challenge was to meet the vision of President Biden.”

Act II

If Nancy Pelosi thought that only moving the bill through the House was difficult, what about the Senate? Republicans are bent upon opposing the bill not only with their vote but also in the committees. There is a 50-50 representation of both the Democrats and the Republicans, so it will be a nail-biting situation as the social spending bill moves through the Senate.


Let’s assume that the majority of the votes cast in the Senate are to the Democrat’s benefit. What will happen next? Surely, by the end of December or early January, the bill will once again head towards the House. For a second vote.

But this means that the Republicans can get a chance to jam up the social spending bill for good. Let’s not forget to mention some Democrats who might decide to shift to the opposing side too.

Act IV

The Biden social spending bill will reach its epitome, ending finally on the heart-stopping scenario of the midterm elections.

Bound to happen the next year, the Republicans will be escalating fears of inflation and debt on the public as a strategy for the elections. Public sentiment will decide how successful the social spending bill will be if it manages to turn into law.


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