Employee Walkout at Boston Market Leaves Customers Without Pre-ordered Thanksgiving Meals: Report

A walkout was staged at the Boston Market location by the employees. The store was thus unable to fulfill prepaid orders.

Reason for the Walkout?

On Thursday at Boston Market Rancho, none of the restaurants’ employees arrived, and the reasons are still not known. The restaurant has 18 employees according to their website. These 18 people include chefs, cashiers, and a post for a General Manager.

Hourly employees, according to the listings, can obtain cheap lunches while working and are eligible for amenities like medical, dental, and vision insurance after a year, though earnings are not specified. The walkout was observed due to the mismanagement between the main and the executive body.

Slaton Smith, a spokesman for Boston Market, said in a statement that the company has been investigating why the employees had gone missing. In recent months, several Americans have decided to stay in the house and thus have departed their jobs.

Restaurants and all other eateries are strongly impacted by the wave of CoronaVirus. After the CoronaVirus, the restaurants’ industry has been known for its low pay, inadequate benefits, long hours, and harsh working conditions

David Kinker is the hourly staff manager at the restaurant and he told that the walkout was due to several weeks of mismanagement. The store was working without a water system at the place for up to three weeks. Also, the general manager was ill and was hospitalized. Meanwhile, to rub salts on the wounds, the area manager was leaving at the Thanksgiving week

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Customer Opinion

Adam Sharp, a Boston Market client, told KTLA that he had ordered a lunch from the restaurant for about 12 people that would sum up his total to roughly $,400. He paid with a credit card. He read the sorry card at the gate of the restaurant.

The card said that there were no employees in the restaurant and thus the orders could not be completed. He claimed that he could see the food containers inside the store but that customers couldn’t get to you.

He was displeased by the fact that the restaurant did not inform its customer that something might happen and that the customers must have a Plan B. 

Boston Market

Joseph Amato was another customer who had also pre-ordered a meal from the restaurant. He also had the same complaint that the restaurant should have told the potential clients to find an alternative way to fulfill their requirements.

The enraged client also claims that there is food inside the restaurant, even in a food truck, but the people are standing there with nothing in their hands. 

What Is the Hotel Going to Do Now?

Boston Market has issued a statement stating that they will reimburse all orders placed by customers affected by the Rancho Cucamonga location.

The company stated that they are deeply remorseful to every visitor who placed an order and visited the restaurant today and that they are researching the cause of the issue. The restaurant also said that they are going to investigate the cause of this walkout. They also, repeatedly, made apologies to all the guests that had placed an order.  

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Customers are very angry and disappointed by the unprofessional behavior of the Restaurant. They have had long drives to the location to collect their foods but the food is not ready due to the staged walkout.

Now, how the restaurant makes up to rebuild the reputation that it has lost, is what we have to see in the upcoming times. 



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