Dave Chappelle Doesn’t Back Down When Students at Dc Alma Mater Slam Him as ‘Bigot’ at the Surprise Visit

Dave Chappelle’s surprise visit to his alma mater gathers mixed opinions from the students as one student calls him a “bigot” while the other calls him “very kind” 

Who Is Dave Chappelle and What Is the Closer

Five Emmy Awards and three Grammy awards winner Dave Chappelle is an American comedian known for his witty comedy series “ Chappelle’s show”. Dave is considered one of the finest comedians in the country.

The Closer is a Netflix stand-up comedy special written and performed by comedian Dave Chappelle that premiered in August 2021. Stan Lathan directed the film. The Closer is the sixth and most probably, the final film from the series of six films by Dave Chappelle under Netflix contract.

The series gathered quite attention. In Closer, Chappelle jokes about Corona Virus and its vaccines,  he even jokes about DaBaby and his LGTBQ controversy. He also puts forward, his narrative for the transgender community. He finishes with the story of Daphne Dorman, the transgender who ended their life due to social media harassment.

The special received heavy criticism and was condemned by the trans community and several Netflix workers, but it received positive reviews from the general public.

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Chappelle and Backlash; An Old Love Story

For the jokes he makes in his stand-up comedy shows, Dave has faced heavy criticism and backlash. He has even been claimed as a ‘transphobic’ due to his different statement about transgender  He made a statement “Gender is a fact” in “the Closer”.

A student even shouted at him in the meeting saying, “Your comedy kills”, pointing towards the Dorman case. The comedian replied to it saying that N—s are killed every day and claimed that the media is not right in that scenario. He was being serious and used the N-word which concerned some of the parents too.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Meets Almost 600 Students

According to Politico, there were more than 600 students to speak with the comedian in the DC Duke School of Arts. They wanted to confront Dave about his newly coming Netflix special, “The Closer”. It has been already very much criticized for Dave’s comments for the transgender community in it.

The previously announced fundraiser was rescheduled because it was expected that the students will plan a students’ walkout. During a Q&A session, the actor and comedian made no apologies for the subject of his comedy routine.

The students were criticizing the content of the film and as well as his perceived lack of maturity in dealing with the response. When a 16-year-old boy claimed to Dave that he was just 16 and still he believed that the comedian acted like a child, Dave simply replied that the young boy would not even be able to make one decision that he makes every day.

Dave raised hundreds of dollars. Despite the hostility directed at Chappelle at the event, he also received a lot of support from his teen followers. He also offered each kid a ticket to a screening of his documentary Untitled that was scheduled for later that night. 

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Despite very tense moments, Dave kept his cool and always found a witty way to answer the questions of the students. With the help of this forum, the students were able to project their concerns about the context of the show to the actor.

Students said that Dave remained very calm and collected throughout the session and when he was told about the death threats, he even said that all the kids there was his family and he loved them all. 

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