Blue States Experience Massive Coronavirus Surge in Last Two Weeks

Blue states, among which some had the most suppressive measures imposed in the country across the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, are going through a huge increase in the spread of the virus since the holiday season has started, due to which some states prompted to re-execute defense strategies and put others in place.

Michigan Reported One of the Huge Increases in Covid-19 Cases

According to the New York Times tracker, Michigan is reporting one of the massive increases around the country, with a daily average case of 8,457 or 85 in every 100,000. That shows nearly 88 percent surges in cases in the past 2 weeks solely.

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This week, the request of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) has been accepted by the federal government in which he requests to send out “two medical teams to local hospitals to relieve doctors and nurses as they treat COVID-19 and other patients” amidst the increase in cases.

Blue States

States With One of the Highest Daily Average Cases

Under the leadership of Governor Tom Wolf (D), Pennsylvania is experiencing a daily average case of 6,251 or 49 in every 100,000 and that shows a surge of nearly 40 percent around the last 14 days as well. 

Similarly, under the leadership of Governor Kathy Hochul (D), New York is also recording a daily average case of 6,666 or 34 per 100,000 and that is reflecting a surge of 37 percent in the past two weeks. 

Whilst adjacent New Jersey is doing a bit better with recording a daily average case of 2,183 or 25 cases per 100,000, that is anyways reflecting a surge of 61 percent over the last two weeks only. 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Issues State of Emergency in Response to Omicron Variant

In the meantime, Illinois, which is among those few states with a mandate of statewide mask in place, is also experiencing 34 cases per 100,000 or a daily average of 4,661 cases, which is reflecting a huge surge with 86 percent during the same period.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R)’s The Sunshine State, which stood opposing sustainable lockdowns, is reported to experience the lowest COVID-19 cases per capita across the country, positioning at six and that is reflecting a decline of two percent in cases in the period of last 14 days.

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