iRacing – 5 Things to know about this VR Racing Game

iRacing is a cool, exciting, cheap, very competitive simulating and the best VR racing game for your PC. It features online racing on virtual tracks across the globe.

5 Things that you must know before initiating iRacing are:

iRacing - 5 Things to know about this VR Racing Game

1# Sum of Content:

Fundamentally, from each general series every car is on the platform. Before buying content make sure you are purchasing the right content which is demanded and as trendy as iRacing is such as racing IndyCars at Five Flags or Talladega and NASCAR at Monza. Don’t forget to research the content you are willing to get. Remember to look for the series whether they are open or fixed class. You definitely will not get bored with iRacing.

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2# iRacing Schedule:

Seasons usually last for twelve weeks. Every week, each iRacing public series goes on a brand-new track with players willing to score the highest points possible across the several series to gain a championship. You must follow the schedule that is displayed on iRacing for example if you desire to race B class NASCAR trucks you need to keep a check on schedule as it is available every two hours.

3# AI single races and seasons:

AI single races and AI seasons are accessible in iRacing AI. AI single race permits you to check your mettle against virtual competition and AI season involves multiple events and facilitates you to track championship points and finishes as the season continues.  

4# License Advancements:

License promotions are just as if a person wants a task and then a reward for accomplishing that task. You will be promoted when you get over 3.0 SR after the season. More than 4.0 SR gets you promoted instantly.

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5# Safety Ratings:

Safety rating is all about making sure drivers race well and avoid crashes. Even though accidents do happen in real life. Individuals try to avoid causing an accident due to risk of injuries, damages, cost of repair or even fines. However, in online racing games this is absolutely not the case. In online racing, players usually drive dirty and just knock off the other racer and try to come first. In order to make drivers respect each other, iRacing has introduced this feature “Safety Ratings” which allows the racers to drive respectfully.

6# iRating:

iRating is the iRacing key ranking system for the players. It is basically the measure of your skills as compared to the other players. iRatings make sure the drivers compete with the same skilled drivers in official sessions and race series. If you complete your race below the expectation point, your iRating will decrease and if you finish the race above the expectation point, your iRating will increase.

Certain official races will affect your iRating whereas hosted races and some special events will not have any impact on the Safety Rating or iRating.

7# Championship Points:

Championship Points are notched in Ranked Series Races. The number of points you score depends on the completion point and the Strength of Field (SoF). The higher the SoF points you score, the higher the championship points you get.

8# The Best Cars in iRacing:

The coolest cars in iRacing are:

  • Nissan GTP ZX-T
  • Williams-Toyota FW31
  • Lotus 79
  • Ford Mustang Supercar
  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR.

However, the new driver should go with the slower cars in the beginning like the Mazda MX-5 and Skip Barber and they will help you with all the necessary stuff about car controls.

So, these were few of the many things that might help you in iRacing. We hope you will enjoy driving in iRacing, the world’s most competitive video game.

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