The Walking Dead’ Actor’s Sister Suspects Foul Play After Her Death

Teerea Kimbro waited by the chicken casserole she’d labored over in her Georgia kitchen, eager for her brother to arrive and relish his beloved home-cooked meal.

Moses Moseley – whom she vaguely alluded to as “my baby” and “Buddy” – had gone earlier that Sunday for a taping, he told Teerea; the 31-year-old Walking Dead actor’s career was thriving after his breakout role in the smash popular zombie series.

He’d spent the holidays with his big sister and her family, talking eagerly about an impending audition and his growing Hollywood profile.

The Walking Dead Actor’s Sister: Incident

He left, agreeing to come back later for the casserole, dinner rolls, and steamed broccoli. But the dish remained undisturbed by Moses for hours as Teerea waited. Then there were days.

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Teerea and her family received the information they’d been expecting on Wednesday after he stepped through her front door: her brother had been discovered dead, shot in his car. The doors were closed, and a rifle – a firearm he’d acquired from Teerea – was in his lap in the car park of a strip mall mere minutes from his big sister’s house.

Nothing made sense.

She says, “To be able to love what you do, and you can do this at your own pace and on your own time, who would give that up? He was in the peak of his career.”

Moses was approached on campus while studying at Georgia State University and asked if he wanted to be an additional, she claims. He was soon struck by the acting bug and landed acting and modeling jobs.

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Teerea, Moses, and their middle sister were military ingrates as thick as thieves; they traveled around the world before landing in Georgia when their Navy dad finally retired.

The actor struggled with his weight in his adolescence, reaching 300 pounds at one point, according to his sister, but lost it and was a big believer in positive thoughts and “manifesting his future… when you feel it inside of you, in your heart, and in your head, it can become tangible,” she recalls.

The Walking Dead actor, who rose to popularity as one of Michonne’s pet zombies, also penned inspirational novels and was starting on a third. According to his sister, the 31-year-old also devoted his time to charitable endeavors such as assisting at programs for young folks struggling with weight issues. 

From his Sister’s words

She chatted with Moses every day; if he was experiencing phone problems or was delayed, he’d find some way to let her know – even coming to her Jonesboro, Georgia house one time when his cell phone went out, she told The Independent.

That’s why, when she didn’t even hear from Moses the evening she made the chicken casserole – and he didn’t return home the next day – she became concerned, She doubted something might be not good. She’d determined to submit a missing person report by Wednesday.

She concluded she’d “rather [Moses] be ashamed that I called police and filed a missing person report” than avoid doing so to save his feelings. She also called OnStar to follow his Chevrolet Camaro, which she did after obtaining authorization from the police. 

The Investigation

On the evening of January 26, they discovered the car in a car park in Stockbridge, not far from her home.

As per the police report, arriving officers discovered a Taurus pistol with no magazine on Moses’ lap; he’d suffered a bullet wound to the right side of his face, was unconscious, and was quickly pronounced dead after detectives reached.

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What has also been difficult for the wider family to comprehend is the line of inquiry implying that Moses committed suicide – especially while he was seeking auditions, cheerfully bragging about employment on social media, and even planned trips overseas with family in the following months.

She also has concerns about the crime scene’s logistics, which are still being examined by Georgia police. On Monday, a spokeswoman for the Henry County Police Department in the Atlanta metro region informed that the matter was still being investigated and that no autopsy report had been issued.

She also mentions how simple it would be to lock the Camaro when a passenger or other door was open, then close it to make it appear as though Moses had secured it personally.

Teerea’s Doubts and Predictions

Teerea feels her brother’s death was the result of a crime of passion; he was occasionally dating women but nothing serious, given his professional responsibilities – and had just told at least one romantic lead he wasn’t prepared for more than a friendship.

She also thinks the death had anything to do with the entertainment industry or competition. However, she demands answers – and, like the rest of her family, is still in shock.

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