All Out Season 2 Release Date Status: Is it Coming Officially In This Year?

The manga comic of Shiori Amaze has become an anime after getting published in Kodansha’s Magazine. There were 6 volumes in total but the first adaptation for the anime version was released on October 7th, 2016.

Season 1 continued for 10 long months and after concluding on 31st August 2017, fans are hoping for All Out Season 2 since then. Although the anime has received quite a mixed reception after its release, the fans are still hopeful. To be honest, there has been a lot of anticipation since the show didn’t stand up as expected. So, will there be a season 2 for sure? 

All Out Season 2 Release Date

Fans are suspecting if there will be a season 2 or not. Madhouse Productions haven’t revealed any plans for the upcoming season. In fact, it’s neither renewed nor canceled as of today. The manga series was wrapped up by 2019 but the anime plot hasn’t covered most of the story.

There are still many chapters from the manga that need to have an anime version. But it’s not about the content. The first season wasn’t as successful as the show makers anticipated it to be.

So, after its mediocre performance, the creators are still considering the renewal of the show. Though the chances are slim, still we hope that the show returns. If it is luckily renewed, then the show will definitely have a chance to win back its reputation. No news has been delivered about the release date so let’s wait for it. 

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All Out Season 2 Plot

The show is mainly about the character, Kenji Jian who can be described as an angry high school football player. He is the main protagonist studying in the Kanagawa School. However, the story starts when the protagonist meets Sumiaki Iwashimizu who is a tall and anxious man and they meet at an opening ceremony.

They are going to be invited to the rugby club. But it’s seen that candidates of all shapes and sizes can participate in the game. In spite of being short in size, Gino believes that he can be an excellent addition to the team.

All Out Season 2
All Out Season 2

The national high school rugby tournament named the Hanazono needs to be defeated in order to get admission to the college. As a matter of fact, their ultimate goal is to win the national high school rugby championship that will be held in Japan. But what will happen after the win? Madhouse production kept it hush-hush about the status of the second season.  

So, season two will bring up all the unsolved storylines that have been highlighted throughout the previous season. Material-wise, there won’t be any loopholes. 

All Out Season 2 Cast

Not all the cast members will be seen in All Out Season 2. But the main protagonist, Kenji Gion played by Stephen Sanders will come back to share his story. The tall high-schooler Sumiaki Iwashimizu is perfectly depicted by Justin Briner.

Besides, Brad Smeaton will voice Mutsumi Hachioji whereas Christopher Wehkamp will feature as Takuya Sekizan. Hopefully, there won’t be a new character but if there is any, the creators will notify.

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But now fans are concerned that they will ever be able to watch the show again. It’s not official whether the show is canceled or not. Well, there is a huge difference between manga and anime.

It is seen that fans are more addicted to anime for its precise depiction. So, even if there is a manga adaptation of All Out, the fans still want an anime version to witness the vibrancy of the characters. Thus, let’s hope that the fans soon get a positive response from the creators after so much delay.


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