Is Richard Madden Gay? Know About His Dating Life Rumors

Richard Madden popularly known as Rob Stark from the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones is a Scottish actor who gained recognition with his remarkable acting skills. Though he is already the man of dreams for many women, people do question all the time, is Richard Madden gay? This question has been in the talks after he depicted the role of a bisexual man in the film “Rocketman”. 

Richard Madden Gay
Richard Madden Gay

Is Richard Open Up About His Sexuality? Does He Identify As Gay?

Of course, people are guessing if Richard has come clean about his sexuality. Even though he plays a bisexual in his last film, fans are guessing that he is gay. As a matter of fact, he was in a relationship with “13 Reasons Why” famed actor, Brandon Flynn. The couple was seen together a number of times. Furthermore, they were rumored to be sharing a home and they were previously in Los Angeles.

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While talking about his role in Rocketman, he mentioned, “It’s a very dreadful way when we start limiting people’s casting based on their private life.” “We want to keep things interesting and make sure that everyone is described. As a result, I regard it as true when it comes to casting the best actor for the part.”

However, the couple has recently separated and we think that it ended on a bad note. The couple did break up back in November and Richard was also strictly not invited to the birthday bash hosted by Versace.

A source close to Brando said, “Brandon made it obvious that he does not want to meet Richard since he has asked the Versace family not to invite him to a birthday celebration they are hosting in early December. Richard has prepared himself by employing the firm on a few occasions. However, they are now following Brandon’s lead and honoring his decisions by not inviting Richard to the party any longer.” 

Now, when he is always questioned about his sexuality or when it comes to addressing rumors of his sexuality, he just ignores the questions. So, one cannot be sure about sexuality unless the actor has disclosed it himself.

The Past Relationships Of Richard Madden

Before dating Brandon, Richard did date many women. He was in a relationship with “Jenna Coleman”. She is an English actress whom he started dating when Jenna was in “Doctors Who” whereas Richard was doing “Game of Thrones”.

However, the couple broke up. In 2015 they did try to reunite again in August of that year but it wasn’t a success. Later in 2016, he was in a relationship with “Laura Whitmore”. She is an Irish television presenter but even this relationship ended after just a few months.

Next, he dated “Suki Waterhouse” who is hailed as an English idol, actress, and even musician. This was called up and then he moved in with Eleanor Elizabeth Bamber in 2017. The couple was spotted at a romantic location back in August. But broke up in 2019 and probably that was the last relationship. 

His love life with Brandon was not that public but fans could guess that something is cooking in between them. Besides, no one knows why they broke up and what went so wrong between them that Brandon doesn’t want to meet him again.

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The world has progressed a lot in ages and the Hollywood industry is welcoming coming out stories along with their love stories. Richard being gay doesn’t shock anyone but it’s his life and he has full freedom over it. 

Fans are hoping that the star of North will finally reveal his sexual identity. Hopefully, it will be happening quite soon!

Guys stay tuned with us for further information about Richard and if you like this information drop a comment below and visit, Lee Daily.


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