What Jobs Can You Get with a Political Science Degree

Are you fascinated or intrigued by global events and feel you can contribute to a better future for humanity? Or maybe you want to serve the community and shape public policies. If one of these scenarios sounds familiar, consider taking political science as a major. When you enroll, you will focus on governmental structures across the globe, policy formulation, and how these impact populations.

But this degree isn’t 100% related to politics and can be the perfect foundation for other rewarding jobs. Possible careers include consultants, analysts, assistants, social workers, and social media managers. So, let’s look at these opportunities up close.

Your Career Options with Political Science Majors

Political science graduates develop advanced research and writing skills. Plus, they learn to build convincing and well-grounded arguments. Last, political science students polish their verbal communication and presentation skills.

Yet, graduating from political science requires a sharp mind and superior oral and writing skills. Hence, you might often need help with homework. And when you find yourself overwhelmed by projects and essays, it might be better to hire a homework helper. EduBirdie abounds with professional writers that get the excessive burden off your chest. As a result, you’ll have more time to concentrate on refining your analytical competency and critical thinking.

A political science major will teach you to influence public opinion, wage campaigns, and achieve power. Moreover, you will gain a historical background about past turning points. This information will help you assess the results different approaches yield.

Legislative Assistant

Elected officials at all government levels in US politics, such as assembly members and senators, hire assistants. Their job is to help with daily duties that consist of monitoring laws and policy issues. Employees also surveil the positions of various legislators and opposing parties on draft laws.

Thanks to their education, political scientists have advanced verbal and written skills. Thus, they can communicate with constituents and share valuable insight. Preparing briefings and presenting official attitudes in a positive context is also vital. Last, a legislative assistant follows the latest affairs and responds to citizens’ inquiries.

Political Consultant

A political consultant career is demanding yet highly enriching. Consultants use the knowledge gained at the university to draft strategies for causes and candidates. Besides conceiving methods to get support, political consultants brand politicians and influence voters.

These employees also deal with media coverage by sharing a favorable story about the respective candidate. They may glorify past performances and survey the public opinion of potential voters. After gathering data, political consultants make strategies to improve the candidate’s image or advance a cause.

Policy Analyst

Your academic title speaks of your profound knowledge about generating public policies. Hence, any political science student will find it appealing to work as a policy analyst. Whether you specialize in US or Canada politics, your robust research and critical thinking skills are a unique asset.

Policy analysts generate sound theses and outline persuasive arguments for or against particular initiatives. They also decipher the nature and influence of public policy proposals. Finally, as a policy analyst, you might need to seek supporters to advance schemes.

Social Worker

Each lesson you learn at political science school can transform you into a successful social worker. However, the fields you can specialize in might not be so versatile. Most probably, you will work with disadvantaged or underrepresented people. And since social work covers patients of all ages, ensure you make frequent trips to the library for extra reading.

Expect to address various social issues and offer advice from an occupational and educational standpoint. In the process, you might have to face a workload of patients. Each person is different, so you’ll need to incorporate local resources and evaluate past interventions.

After all, you chose the political science college course because you worry about the social impact of political activity. Ensuring people can exercise their rights might be your ideal role in the community. Hence, consider applying with non-profits or other service organizations that struggle to make a difference.

Social Media Manager

Do you want to be a global hero revered by millions? Become a social media manager of accounts for a non-profit, business, group, or politician. And whether the campaign is politically-based or not, your analytical skills are critical. Along with your zest to interact and persuade, this career is inspiring and gratifying.

Search for content ideas in the coursework you did or check a motivational book. Most public figures run a page, so your input as a social media coordinator can be invaluable. Your job will be to generate captions, write blogs, and engage with the audience in real-time. Besides responding to user questions, you will grow the fan base and promote services.

Social media managers are in high demand as organizations must be inclusive and address diversity. Plus, they must take a side on global pressing matters. Hence, a political science graduate who is well-versed in the internet culture can prove the right fit.


A political science major allows you to hone versatile abilities. But you must first ask yourself what you excel at and what brings you contentment? In what ways can you help the world? The answers can help you narrow down your next steps. What matters is to keep an open mind and network actively. Things are constantly changing, so don’t worry if your career path isn’t as linear as you thought!

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