5 Reasons to Switch from Chrome to Firefox Browser Right Now

According to a report by Stat Counter, Chrome has the highest percentage, 64.34%, out of the total market share of browser usage!

Despite the boastful market share, Chrome doesn’t provide you with the type of freedom any concerned netizen would expect.

In this post today, you will know five solid reasons to switch your default browser from Chrome to Firefox.

“Is Firefox a good browser? And if yes, why hasn’t it gained popularity?” There can be many reasons, but the most significant is that tech giant Google backs up Chrome.

But anything that glitter is not gold, right? Now let’s show you five reasons why you should use Firefox over Chrome.

5 Reasons to Switch from Chrome to Firefox Browser Right Now

1. Firefox Focuses on Privacy

If you’re a concerned citizen wondering, “Is Firefox better than Chrome for privacy?” Then pay attention because Firefox focuses more on features that protect your privacy.

In recent years, Mozilla, which develops Firefox, has brought some updates that make it more secure and offer a privacy-focused browsing experience. Further, you can install a VPN app to make it safer. We recommend installing the VeePN Firefox extension. This VPN extension is one of the most trustable, which works harmonically with the default features of Firefox.

Talking of features, Firefox has in-built blockers that block scripts and trackers deployed by the websites to track your online activity. Moreover, Firefox uses encryption for every type of data transmitted on the browser — from browser history to passwords.

2. Firefox is Light on Resources

Chrome is good and all, but it lags in when it comes to resource usage. Firefox uses less RAM and hogs lesser memory. It can be considered one of the reasons why people use Firefox over Chrome.

Let us explain to you briefly what’s happening.

When you create a new tab on a Chrome browser, it creates a new process, and then that process consumes your computer’s memory. Chrome works linearly, meaning if you open ten tabs, there will be ten processes, each gulping a bit of your total RAM.

Now, on a Firefox browser, things get done smartly. Firefox creates one process for every four tabs. And as you can guess, it consumes less memory than Chrome for the same number of tabs you open.

Therefore, Chrome would be a wrong choice if you have a PC with less RAM. It’ll depreciate your PC performance and make your computer work slowly.

3. More Freedom to Customize

From new tabs to controls, buttons, and toolbars, Firefox lets you control every aspect of your browser. You can not get this level of customization from a Chrome browser.

Chrome browser is made for simplicity, while Firefox boasts values like freedom and choice. If you are a user like us who wants to decide every aspect of their browser experience and gain complete control, Firefox is your friend.

Here are some practical advantages and use-cases of powerful customization provided in Firefox:

  • You can set your brand colors and tones if you are a business.
  • If you are a student, you can customize your homepage with study materials or motivational quotes,
  • If you quickly get bored with the same UI, you can adjust your Firefox browser as per your mood.

4. Features Promoting Productivity

Is Firefox better than Chrome? In terms of productivity — yes!

While Chrome is a simple browser with an innovative UI, Firefox is better if you want your productivity to increase. There are loads of add-ons (extensions) that will boost your productivity and Firefox. And this is especially helpful if you are an online business or a heavy computer user.

For example, Tomato Clock is a powerful time management tool that works on the world-famous POMODORO technique. Likewise, OneTab is another add-on worth checking out. This innovative add-on groups your open tabs into a list on a single tab. The result? More focus.

But it’s not only about add-ons or productivity extensions Firefox has, and it offers some in-built feature that helps you stay productive. For example, Firefox lets you screenshot your screen with a single click. No juggling around with shortcuts or external tools. Similarly, the picture-in-picture mode while playing videos helps you watch a video while working on something else.

5. Firefox is Open-Source

Firefox is an open-source software which means anyone can see the coding behind the Firefox browser. It is supported by the community of thousands of developers from all across the world.

This type of community mindset brings more trust in the netizens for Firefox. Furthermore, if coding is your ball game, you can change, distribute, and adjust features of Firefox to your liking. However, it would be best to do this while following Firefox’s policy.

Contrary to Firefox, as you are well aware, Google owns and distributes the Chrome browser.


These are the top 5 reasons why you should use Firefox over Chrome. And why Firefox? Because it’s the best alternative whose unique features put Chrome behind.

No matter which browser you use, as a conscious human being who cares about privacy and productivity, Firefox is your best bet. Moreover, if you’re on a low-end PC, Firefox will not slow down your PC.

We wish you safe and secure browsing. And remember, you can always use a VPN such as VeePN to strengthen your security online.

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