Who is Tubbo Dating Right Now? Know About His Relationship Timeline

After the formation of The Dream SMP which is a popular online streaming community, we saw how the Ranboo and Tubbo team members reunited. Tubbo takes care of streaming the best gaming actions on the internet whereas Ranbo dedicates his time to gaming and making vlogs. One of the most popular duos in the gaming community, their professional career has now mingled with their love life.

So, who is Tubbo dating? Surprising all the fans and entire community, the answer to who is Tubbo dating has made the internet crazy. It is official, Tubbo is dating Ranboo giving the fans a million reasons to feel overjoyed. But are they still together? News about who is Tubbo dating has been seen all over the internet for the past few days and we have all the secret details that you may want to know.

Who is Ranboo?

An American YouTuber whose real name is Johnathan Schlatt. He was born on 8th April 2004 and in just a year of streaming, he became a famous personality.

Who is Ranboo
Who is Ranboo

To be honest, Ranboo’s popularity happened pretty fast compared to most YouTubers. The YouTuber started streaming on 30th January 2020 and mainly focused on creating Minecraft content. Apart from YouTube, he also broadcasts on multiple other social media platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, Discord, Roblox, TikTok, Stramlabs, and more. Soon he became a member of the coveted group, Dream SMP. 

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Who is Tubbo?

Tubbo, also known as Tobias Smith is a famous YouTuber as well as a Twitter streamer who is originally from the United Kingdom. On 23rd December 2003, Tubbo was born. He joined YouTube on 14th May 2018 and has uploaded over 80 videos. Just like his lover, he streams on many different platforms and joined Dream SMP to actively participate in Minecraft.

who is tubbo
who is tubbo

The rumors of who Tubbo was dating finally turned out to be true. And the cute couple is now answering questions related to who is Tubbo dating and how all of this started.

The Love Relationship of Ranboo and Tubbo

Fans were always interested to know who is Tubbo dating. However, with the secret fling that was later made public, fans couldn’t be happier when they found out who is Tubbo dating. The couple got to know each other after forming a business partnership through Dream SMP.

After that, they were friends and had shared agreements when building Snowchester. But the question of who Tubbo dating quickly changed to if Tubbo married as they seemed quick and unforeseen. Tubbo and Ranboo canonically married on 21st February 2021. The couple undoubtedly loves each other but fans were a bit confused as they couldn’t understand the need of rushing to get married. The couple even adopted a kid together, named Michael. So, fans were more confused after this and wanted more updates on the lives of two of their favorite YouTubers.

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Are Ranboo And Tubbo Still in a Relationship?

Sadly, it is heard that Ranboo and Tubbo are no longer together. However, for the sake of their kid Michael, the couple is “married on purpose”. The relationship quickly went from professional to becoming newly-wed lovers. Even fans were concerned at one point in time since their initial motive to build Snowchester together was lost in the process. This was one of the major setbacks as fans were excited to see the outcome of Snowchester. But that seemed to have been wiped out after the couple got married.

Though fans were always eager to know who is Tubbo dating, this quick progression in their relationship was very concerning for fans. But now, reality has hit and just like Tubbo and Ranboo, the fans are heartbroken with the news of the couple’s separation. They are still parenting their child together and raising him with everything to their capability.

But now that the former couple is no longer romantically involved, fans are again popping up the quest, “who is Tubbo dating?” Being a public figure isn’t easy and with Tubbo and Ranboo’s break-up, fans are hoping that it doesn’t affect the professional partnership of the YouTubers. So, what do you think? Will Ranboo and Tubbo get back together or will their professional relationship get affected? Let’s wait to see what’s more is on the way to the future.

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