We can see how much money these women spend on living a luxurious life with beautiful interior and exterior design. Sara Al Madani is one of the billionaires who was chosen to be on The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Sara Al Madani Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures
Sara Al Madani Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Now that Sara Al Madani is well-known, the news about her plastic surgery has become more popular.

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Sara Al Madani’s Plastic Surgery Update

Even though the name of the show, “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” has the word “housewives” in it, the women on the show are rich and live alone.

The first episode of this show aired on June 1, 2022. It’s about how the contestants live luxurious lives while dealing with trouble and fights at home.

Sara Al Madani is on the show The Real Housewives of Dubai. She has a lot of money and lives a very nice life. Sara went to Sharjah American International School and got her diploma in 2003. When she got her diploma at age 15, she was inspired to start her own business.

In 2011, she won the Emirati Entrepreneur of the Year award. This was the first of many awards she would go on to win.

Sara Al Madani (@sara al-Madani) is a professional entrepreneur who has started businesses in many different fields, such as marketing, technology, food and drink, and fashion. Sara just showed up on The Real Housewives of Dubai. This is because she is a reality TV star.

Some people on Reddit thought that the business owner might have had plastic surgery just because she was there. Sara Al Madani changed the way she looked by getting surgery or a cut.

Sara Al did undergo plastic surgery. She didn’t have surgery on her whole face, but her lips and nose have changed a lot. Sara changed the shape of her nose because it was cool to have a nose that was the same on both sides.

If we look at how she looked before and how she looks now, we can see that her nose was not symmetrical before.

Sara Al Madani had fillers put into her lips to make them bigger, too. Sara also got Botox, which is not surgery but an injection that is used to smooth out wrinkles and folds in the skin. She also gets work done on her lips and nose to make them look better.

Sara Is Actually from The United Arab Emirates

Unlike the other members of the group, Sara grew up in the UAE in a place called Ajman. She moved to Sharjah later because she got a job with the government there. She then moved to Dubai, where she quickly found a group of flashy women to hang out with.

Sara loves her city, and she feels lucky to have seen how much it has changed over the past few years. She thinks that the country’s growth shows its attitude and drive to move forward.

She says she has seen the whole change: “I saw it when it was just sand, and now I live between buildings and bricks.

Dubai is said to be a living, breathing person whose experiences have made her the woman she is today. Sara says, “As a woman, I don’t think anything is too hard, and I’m unstoppable, just like my country.

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Is Sara Al Madani Married?

With a net worth of $15.5 million, Sara has the money to buy anything she wants, but what about love? Sara’s son Maktoum is from her first marriage. She has been married twice.

She has been the only parent of her son until now. People who thought it was bad for her to get div0rced twice told her she shouldn’t care how many times she married and div0rced as long as she found her soul mate.

Sara’s marriage taught her a lot. She learned that she wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best and that she would only stay with someone if she thought they were a good match for her. Sara has been the perfect example for anyone who still thinks that a woman’s success depends on her partner.

She’s Been Div0rced Twice

Sara says that in her world, this is very unusual. She still wants to find love in the world. Sara says, “I don’t think it’s embarrassing when a woman gets a div0rce because it’s common.” I married the wrong people and got div0rced twice, so I definitely learned my lesson.

And I don’t think people should give up on love no matter how many times they get it wrong, whether it’s twice, three times, or ten times. Sara might find her soul mate, but time will tell.

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