Steve Lacy: Is He Gay? Sexuality And Relationship Status Of The Singer

Fame leads to universal recognition. Steve Lacy is one such artist who doesn’t consider Instagram fame to be popular. He wants to be known for his art, his work, and his impactful verses. To brief about Steve, he is an American artist, singer, record producer as well as guitarist born and raised in the city of dreams, California. Though his popularity came from the rock group “The Internet,” where he used to play the guitar, Steve has created a name for himself in the industry by focusing more on mainstream media. 

He debuted with his EP, “Steve Lacy’s Demo” back in 2017. He was also there to present his “Apollo XXI” presentation at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards for which he got a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Fast forward to 15th July 2022, Steve’s new album “Gemini Rights” was dropped. So, automatically fans are curious to know if Steve is gay or not. The industry and his followers want to have all the details regarding his personal life. So, we will be finding out all the information regarding his personal life

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Is Steve Lacy gay?

Fans have been looking for the answers to Steve Lacy’s sexuality. Steve as an individual is a very interesting person. Born on 23rd May 1998, the 24-years-old star has made quite a big name for himself. He climbed the ladder of success at a very early age but always had to struggle for his sexuality. People often mistake Steve Lacy to be gay, however, that isn’t the truth. Steve is actually bisexual and he claims to be interested to be both in men and women. 

is steve lacy gay
is steve lacy gay

As a matter of fact, Steve is quite open about his sexuality but he still tends to dodge all the queries regarding his sexual orientation. He even expresses his sexual preferences and freedom through his EP presentation. While talking to Los Angeles Times, he states how the EP talks about an individual’s freedom of expressing sexuality. In his song “Like Me,” he narrates the story of a young man who has been struggling to come out about his sexual orientation to his family. He wants to say that he is gay but he is afraid to come out to the world. Steve claims it to be a song that represents freedom and emancipation.

Interestingly, Steve revealed that he is actually fascinated by all types of people. He didn’t want to be rejected or get shamed by society and so, he wanted to stay closeted. The singer considered it to be a sin because of the transgression of his religion. Moreover, he revealed that The Guardian he was familiar with reflected homophobia and homophobic behavior. Thus, he tried to break out of that barrier and successfully did so.

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Who is Steve Lacy dating?

In 2022, fans are interested to find out who Steve Lacy is dating in his current life. Steve Lacy has not yet revealed his identity but he is secretly dating someone. On 3rd March, he uploaded a picture where he was cuddling with a secret love. It was a mirror selfie and Steve was seen sitting on the lap of his lover. Undoubtedly, he seems to be his boyfriend. The supporters totally went crazy over this post and tweeted in support. People were happily posting to find out that Steve has a new man and many were also envious of it.

After the rumors were spread, he responded that in 2017 he was drawn not to any gender but to humans. It is said, “Dark males were typically his enemies as he grew up around them, and he never imagined himself engaging in sexual activity with them.” It was because of his traumatic experiences in his childhood. 

In fact, he declared that he will be never be fascinated by black males and that did make him a subject of criticism. People found this comment highly problematic but he justified it by saying that his childhood was the reason for such a belief.

To date, he stands by the same principles and his love life is going great. The identity of his lover is not confirmed as of now, but we know for sure that Steve Lacy is bisexual.

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